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Kleenex and rocks
May 27, 2009
Ok, y'all. Time for a lil' deb rant.

I just got dad to bed. It's 9:20pm, and he is just a'spinnin'.

The routine of today was broken, because daughter has moved out of her house and into another, and I went over to the old house to help her clean it. Only took two hours, but dad had to get up 15 minutes earlier, eat his bacon and eggs and toast in sandwich form, and chose this very moment to have a complete cow because I wanted him to wear his Depends. I won, but it was a hard fought battle.

So we got home, and it was lunch time, and I still had not shaved him and he was plenty mad about that, so I tried to get caught up. Got him all shaved, fed lunch, teeth brushed, and then it was time for me to figure out what I was going to cook for supper and throw a load of wash in. Well, wouldn't you know it, I forgot to check pockets, and he had a load of rocks in the pockets from daughter's driveway, and apparently, 468 kleenex. I fished the rocks out of the dryer, but missed the kleenex, so that load was totally covered in shredded tissue. Slows a body down when they have to de-shed all the clothes in the dryer.

At supper time, he refused to eat. He was so grouchy that I didn't push the issue, and I HAD to run to the store to get stuff for DH's lunch tomorrow, so I left the 13 yr old in charge and took off like a rabbit for the store. I got a text from the son, "Gpa just ripped the blinds down in the living room. Love, Patrick." Terrrrrific. I bought the apples and lunchmeat, raced home, and while reattaching the blinds to the window casing, said, "Dad? What happened to the blinds?" BIG mistake. He was clothed in his favorite outfit (Depends, tshirt, black socks and loafers), standing in the hall, and just went right the hell off on me. "DON'T YOU..."SONS A BI**HES...DAMN F**K..." Oh. Well. That clears that right on up. The 13 yr old is laughing (silently), I am sweating bullets that I can get these things back up before DH comes home, and there is my demented father, madder'n a wet hen, mostly undressed.

I did get the blinds up, got the boy to stop laughing, albeit silently, washed the supper dishes, and then DH came home. Guess what? He's had a rough day. Not a particularly happy camper. And now, I had a new to get DH out of his funk, so the entire house doesn't end up grouchy. I warmed up his supper, served it in the front room so he could watch the playoff game, and now...guess what?

Dad decides it time to go outside. It was 8:30, and he stripped off all his pjs and depends, fully dresses in slacks and shirt and jockey shorts, and heads out the back door. I tried to get him to cut it out and come back inside, but to no avail, and frankly, I was sooo out of gas, that I figured, what the hell. I left him outside (gathering those damned rocks) till pitch dark, grabbed the maglight and went out after him. He came in peacefully enough, and I redressed him and put him to bed.

Now. After all that, I do have a question: Is there a medication that can be given to dementia patients on a PRN (as needed) basis that will settle them down when they are spinning like this? Please tell me yes. Or's ME that needs medication.

I am headed to the shower and bed. I have had enough of this day, and pray for a better one tomorrow...

...lil' deb

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