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Re: Tag teamed!!!
Jun 2, 2009
Oh, and Deb, have you checked the ER to see if they give green stamps or discounts or anything for frequent visitors?

I'm making light of it but I am sure it was traumatic for you ...and him.

I have been dealing with new stuff from mom..I see her slipping more and more. Confused, more forgetful, such as forgetting she had a coffee pot and when I reminded her it was on her counter she replied, "oh, is that what that is. I was going to ask you about that." Yet this morning when I went over there I saw that she had made herself a pot. It comes and goes a lot lately. SHe put her ice cream in the idea it was to go in the freezer.

When I got there this morning she just started crying because she is so frustrated..saying she can't remember things and she can't DO things anymore. I calmed her down and tried to reassure her that it is normal and to not let it get the best of her. I then took her for a walk and then out to the drugstore and to lunch. She was terriffic. Of course she checked her purse about 50 tiomes looking for the ellusive "thing" she is always searching for...
Any time spent in her apartment is spent searching. Will that ever end? Good grief, she is so tormented.

Her neurologist told me that it is a slippery slope and she has held her own for so long that the day would eventually come when it would go down fast. Is that what is happening now? I'm scared...for her and us.

I have made an appointment to meet with the nurse later this week where she lives to discuss the next move which would be to the building next is more hands on care than she has now though I must say they watch her like a hawk and all just adore her now where she is.... I really just want to ask questions such as when do we do we do it transitionally with special caregivers spending time with her and then move her over?? I know where she is now there are many much worse then her so I just need to know from them what they think....I am a planner and like to know what is to come. I don't want to find answers when it is an immediate need. I like to know ahead of time how to do things. I'll be surprised if she is still there in 6 months. Certainly not a year.

This is just awful and sad and painful and it stinks and she deserves better!!!!
Don't they all.

Love, Meg

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