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Hello Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
A few of you may remember that I have a live in Father-in-law who has type 1 diabetes and undiagnosed dementia. To recap, my FIL has lived with us for 2 1/2 years, in which time, I am the only one who admitted he had dementia from the very beginning. This did not increase my popularity in the family, and I have basically been looked at like I was out of my mind, until April. Just before Easter, my FIL nearly died because of diabetic ketoacidosis, from improper diabetic care. Well, when he left the hospital, he left with a two month prescription of Respidal. He was never quite the same and my husband and his uncles were starting to understand his fragility. But then, his Respidal prescription ran out, no refills, nothing. Since ending the Respidal two weeks ago, we have had several missed insulin needles, or worse yet extra needles, not to mention the missed meals. My Juvenile diabetic FIL suddenly forgot that he had to take needles on a regular basis. And that was the good part. He asked where the speakerphone button on the remote control went. He blacked out while on his boat and smacked his head twice! He always goes on the boat with someone else but we had such a tumultous week he became defiant and snuck out of the house determined to go fishing no matter what. Luckily he did find someone to go with but forgot his glucose meter and just took a shot here and there but didn't eat. For the second time in two day's he was in the emergency room. Anyway he is fine and no one was hurt. In the meantime, I called had been busy calling everyone from his brand new endocrinologist (thank you dear God) to the police to the emergency room doctors and finally to his regular doctor (who had his secretary call back and tell me that in accordance to HIPPA laws couldn't speak to me) to try to get help for the man. His Endocrinologist did call back when he said he would and spoke to my husband. Now, this was last week when I made my phone calls, his primary doctor didn't even call him to see if anything was wrong! Even HE is upset with his doctor in his very unstable state. FIL knows that both of us have his best interest at heart.
Here is the help that I need: I will be going with FIL to his endo appt. They are very aware that he has more than normal diabetic problems, and that it is much more than the sugar (or lack thereof), altering his mind. What can I do? From what I have heard from the endo and his staff, they cannot make any referrals. All three of us have decided that we are not staying with the primary if he refuses to help while my husband and I are involved.
Ok, does anyone have any questions that I absolutely need to ask or requests that I need to ask? I really need all the help that I can get, and I may never get this chance again.
Give me all the questions that you all think that I may need to ask. I will write them down and try my best to ask. Mind you, I am not the most assertive person in the world but I do love FIL and my husband absolutely adores him. We don't want any harm to come, so if anyone has any help PLEASE let it fly!
Love you all!

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