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Re: My Sweet Moma
Oct 3, 2009
Hey anyone, I may have asked this question before but I need to know where I can find what the 7 stages of Alzheimers's are....I am desperate to know just what stage Mom is in with this terrible disease....I have checked the internet and though it states there are 7 stages, it only gives me three.....So if anyone knows how I can find this out, please let me know....

jI did ask the Dr. that was filling in for Mom's regular Dr......well, he was nutter than a fruit cake....

Oh, and by the way....does this mean anything....Mom seems to have become very dependent upon me... Now not all the time but if it is time to go eat, unless I am there making her go to the lunch room, she will eat in her room....same goes with the bath. She calls me now telling me what a terrible day she is having, she don't know why but then she asks when I am coming to see her...I stayed with her 6 hrs yesterday, feeding, washing hair, setting hair, combing hair, changing her bed, oh the list goes on and on...I know it is not my responsibility to do these things but it makes me feel better about her being in there. Am I doing her wrong....She will even call me late at night to call the nurses station to come see about her..Her call button is 6" above her hand....She says she has mashed the button but she hasn't .....She just wants me!!!!!!!!! but when you think about it...I am so happy she still knows and wants me.....:)

Re: My Sweet Moma
Oct 3, 2009
There is a thread on this board It is the fourth thread from the top. It is 7 stages of Alzheimers. Click into it you will find all the 7 stages and description listed very helpful.

I try not to burden a lot of my friends with mom talk all the time. Actually, alot of times people will ask me how is Mom I have a tendancy to just say she's doing ok and leave it at that. Unless, you have lived through this whole disease and process then I feel you really have no understanding of what it feels like so I try not to go into to much depth with some people. I do have one very good friend I run with that I get to vent a lot of the day to day things about mom too. That helps a lot. But even then sometimes I try not make the whole time we are running/walking to just be about me and my mom. I thinks its hard sometimes to be able to go out and just forget and think other thoughts and focus on other things. I have noticed more and more this whole mom stuff is taken over my whole life. I feel it is all I think and know anymore:(
That is not good I know but I can't seem to break the spell.:(

love Pauline

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