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Sunbelle... Ativan/Xanax is definitely not the best medication of agitation. There are other medications that work a lot better with out the after effects. Read the side effects of Ativan/Xanax... Agitation? It is also very addictive. Dad was so much worse when he got this medication. It was like coming off the med caused a need for more med. He was much better on different drugs to control his agitation. You may want to ask about a different medication.

There are ways to determine if your loved one is in pain even if they can not tell you. Does he furrow his brow? Does he tense his body? Does he flinch? Does he hold his breath or sigh? If so he is probably in need of some pain medication.

As for the PT... what is it that is to be accomplished by the PT? Is it going to improve his quality of life. Are you going to uncurl those fingers? Is he going to be able to use them again? Or is it just causing him pain? My Dad did have PT for his knee but it was for strengthening and he was able to be ambulatory a bit longer. Once he was a fall risk and no longer safely ambulatory, we stopped the PT. You can't reverse the progression of the disease and if it is not going to show positive results, why put him through the pain of PT. If he doesn't need the pain meds except for PT... why do that?

I am sorry that you are going through this with your Dad. I have been through it with my Dad who had vascular dementia and died in March of this year... and going through it with my Mom who has Alzheimer's (early late stages). One thing I figured out in the last 10 years... you can't be sad all the time. It is a horrible disease that takes our loved ones a piece at a time... but there are still moments of joy that we can share with them. Our sadness and anxiety does rub off on them. They only know what they see and if they see up upset and anxious they are going to pick up on those feelings. I knew my Dad was in his last days for about 6 months. His weight loss was dramatic, he lost the ability to walk, and his cognition was slipping rapidly. He also had delusions and days he didn't get out of bed. But we still found moments of joy. Just a few days before he died, on a good day, we were all laughing and joking as he enjoyed a visit from my daughter. It is a memory we hold on to tightly now. So please find those moments to enjoy with your Dad. He is still with you and that is something to be thankful for today.

Love, deb

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