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It has been a long week but today was the first day that we had no tears. (that I saw at least)

She did not sleep well and complained that she had dreams all night about a "man" and his mother...she tried telling me who the man was but she couldn't quite come up with it. Told me that he sometimes went with us in the car...I guessed a few people from her past, but nope, I couldn't figure it out.

Finally, I got it. She was talking about her husband. She had forgotten his name. Who he was. Some wouldn't think this could be a good thing but in her case it is. I remember her nurse telling me one time that the worse it gets, the better it gets....for her.
In other words, by forgetting Chuck she doesn't feel the pain of losing him to death. I don't think it is a permanent thing yet because a few times during the day I heard his name come from her under her breath.
Also, when we came back from lunch she went directly to her bedroom searching though someone might be there. She didn't come out sad, as before...but more resigned to the fact that no one was there.

She had a good day of shopping and lunch and when I left her she seemed relatively happy. A few times during lunch, a look of "wondering" about something came over her face and I moved her attention to something to draw her away from it.

Later in the day, I went to see her doctor. Her GP and he was wonderful to deal with ..much easier than the neurologist who is a very capable man but lacking in time and understanding.. always in hurry to get to the next patient.
The GP took his time and listened to all I had to say and answered every question I had. I explained what has been happening and that it was the first major loss of memory. Forgetting her husband's death.

We went over all the options and finally he decided on a drug called Trazodone. ( thanks, Deb. I took along your reply to me about drugs and read it to him!)

It will help her sleep (hopefully) and also act as an anti depressant at the same time. He said it is not the type of drug that could leave her drowsy the next day. We will start that tomorrow night (Friday) and see how it works for her. He is starting her on half a pill for two weeks and then the whole thing after that and he will see her in a month to check her out. We are to watch and see if there is any change for the worse in her..if so, we'll pull her off of it and try something different.

He asked how I was doing and I said fine...except for the nightmares that I have about me having it too!
I then walked out of his office without my purse. Crap. ( he laughed)

As for the lists. They were still hanging on her kitchen cabinets. Only once while I was helping her get ready to leave did I see her quickly glance at it.

So, we got though today..and we'll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.

Love, Meg

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