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Welcome Tim :wave: so sorry for all that you are facing. I also applaud how you and your siblings are handling these difficult end of life choices. I've been bedside with two grandparents at their passing - one where IVs and feeding tubes were given, one where they were not. I'll never forget the doctor on rounds at the hospital pulling my sister and I aside and asking us to make a decision about our grandfather. He just flat out told us that the feeding tube wasn't doing any good and that it was actually making it harder for our grandfather to pass more easily.

My sister and I looked at eachother and reached for the phone to call our stepdad and mom to get them to the hospital to make that decision. I always believe that life is our teacher. Going through that with my grandparents has prepared me for going through this process with my folks. Now it's my stepdad who is ill (frontal temporal lobe dementia), I am the durable POA, I had to fill out the forms like DGab, and I'll be the one to make that call when and if that call needs to be made.

Hope you'll stay with us here on this board Tim. I have found such support here it's really quite remarkable. Nothing like being able to share with those who are walking (or have walked) a mile in those mocassins :angel::angel:

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