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Hello all,
I haven't posted in a while, but am desperate for some input. Mom is 70 and is in her 2nd year of diagnosed demential with Alzheimers as far as we know. She is thought to have a frontal lobe demential, which progresses rapidly, (which it has) and is very difficult to treat.
Mom went to AL a year ago, and went instantly to the locked ALZ unit, as she was a flee risk. She has lost continence, advanced rapidly, still knows my sister, her husband, and most of the time, her grandchildren. She likes no activities that are going on and usually wanders, or paces the facility. She still goes out, (when her arthritis and compression fracture in her back), aren;t bother her.
She is taking Seraquel, 100 mgs, am and pm as well as razadine (alz drug), and just got off of Tegretol (after only a month due to severe fatique). Mom refuses care when it comes to her shower, or allowing the staff to change her "diaper" as mom calls it, or her clothes. Mom has always been a private person and is really embarrassed by others seeing her ( cant say as though I blame her). Since my mother went in the AL facility, she was instantly put on medication to help calm her ( seraquel), though I didnt notice much of a difference with this medication, she seemed to get more comfortable with her surroundings, however the AL staff still felt that mom was uncomfortable and resisted care, the reccomendation was more serequel, then depakote for mood, then take her off depakote and onto tegretol.
I know this disease varys in terms of progression, but I couldnt help but think that my mother is way too medicated, and is not incontinent and tired, etc, as a result of the meds. Well anyway in the last month mom has been falling out of bed, and they have been finding her on the floor, she was complaining of pain, we brought her to the hospital where she was admitted for a compression fracture and arthritis. I should say that the whole time mom has been in the AL facility, I am only one who can get my mom to shower,,,,so much for assisted living. I am paying 7000 a month, and caring for mom myself. So in order to assist more, they started to try more with mom and also went up a 1000 a month. So flashback to my mothers hospitalization...I spoke with geri psych and told him how mom has been going downhill, and that tegretol doesnt agree with her. We took her off tegretol, and lessened her serequel, and she came back to life! It was like she came out of the fog she was in for the past 6-8 months,,,she was able to use the toilet on her, (but still wears a diaper) and has really been doing well......but still resisting care! The AL facility is stuck on putting mom in a geriatric psychiatric unit to make her more comfortable around bathing. I totally disagree with this but the head of thier nursing department, director, and staff think that the solution is to hospitalize mom so that they try different meds and hopefully find one that will allow them to bath her and help her! Come on, they just dont want to have to deal with her time consuming behaviors. They claim she is combative and verbally aggresive with staff when they make her shower. While I can agree with them to a degree, I feel that the Al just wants an easier job. Her psych hasnt even mentioned the Geri psych unit, and obviously feels that this is a common trait of the disease and that the staff should be able to handle this, though this is not at all the case. There are a few educated, nurses that have had success with my mother. I have requested that they work with other staff, and "train" them as to what works best with mom. I have also asked what kind of training thier staff has...since many are in thier 20's and seem inexperiencedd. I know there are many facilities, some better than others, and that we have options, however, this one is local, and we are able to visit mom very regularly.
Currently mom is in the hospital from a flu, and dehydration. There has been no mention of a Geriatric Psych stay, even though there is one right in her hospital. They are talking about sending her to rehab to help with her back. Is this just a way to get in her in a nursing home. We will be private pay, and hope that this is not the direction we are going in. today mom is happy, pleasantly confused, and refusing help from medical nurses in the hospital. What should we do? It seems her AL facility wants a geri psych stay or else...Is the rehab request really just a step in the direction of nursing home. Most hospital staff, initially didnt even know mom had dementia. She has very clear moments, and since being on lower dose of meds, is doing well, but still resistant to care.
HELP! Sorry for such a ridiculously long post,...but I need help with this sister is little to no help with this.

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