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Hi all,

This is my first post in this section and really I am after a bit of advice and reassurance.

A few hours ago my mother phoned to describe an incident that happened with my father in their home town. She said he simply forgot where he was, he was unable to recognise any of the streets and through he was in a different town. She said he seemed really confused about his location. This confusion lasted a few minutes and he seemed to come out of it and regain his bearings, only of it to happen again a few minutes later. Again he came round a few minutes later and has been fine since.

I have read some of the threads and noticed that one poster stated that confusion with modern technology was notable early on. My father for a long time as found things like TV’s computers, DVD players very confusing and over the years we have simply accepted that his is the way he is and accepted it

She is really worried because today of all day they are due to start their holidays, a cruise in the Norwegian fjords. My mother is very concerned that this may happen again, on the ship, although it has never happened before. I didn’t really know what to advice so tried to put her at ease but assuring there that there are doctors onboard who will presumably be able to help if anything happened and presumably if anything really serious happened they would be able to get off as soon as possible. I really didn’t know what else to say and hence the post. If this is the onset of Alzheimer’s is there likely to be more occurrences of confusion as to his whereabouts? If would never forgive myself if I given her wrong advice and something serious happens onboard and it playing on my mind that maybe I should have advised them to cancel and seek medical help rather than go.

My father is 76 and for sometime as been rather forgetful but what my mother described this wasn’t just forgetting small details, she described an almost total loss of recollection. Please, does anybody think they will be ok on their holiday? What should I do when they get back in a week’s time? I am sorry I really don’t know too much about Alzheimer’s and don’t really know if I needlessly worrying, any advice would be welcome.

Regards Kevin.

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