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No, dementia is not milder .. dementia is a concept that includes many diseases. One is Alzheimer's, another is Pick's Dementia, another is Frontal Lobe Demetia.

Think of Dementia as an category, like "fruit'' and Alzheimer's as one of the many fruits, like "peach". So it can be very confusing --a peach is certainly a fruit, but not every fruit is a peach. Alzheimer's is certainly a kind of Dementia, but not everyone who has Dementia has Alzheimer's. My Mom had old age dementia (used to be called senility), which is what happens to many people when they get that old. She was in her 90s. Sadly, many of the other forms start much earlier.

It is considered 'early onset dementia " if it begins before 60.

The way people with the various forms of dementia are treated vary also.

All of the different kinds of Dementia progress, gradually getting worse and worse. Most of the patients end up needing around the clock care, whether in a nursing home or home health care. Often a daughter, son, husband or wife tries to take care of the person alone, but this rarely if ever works out. It becomes a 24 hour a day job. No one planning to care for a dementia patient should do it alone. Line up a group of helpers who will relieve him or her for a weekend, a few hours, or share the cost of hiring a home health aide.

Above all remember that it is not the person's fault. They may be seen as 'ornery,' 'difficult, ' stubbrn' or 'outrageous" but they are not doing it on purpose. The memory fails but so does a line which divides acceptable from unacceptable behavor. They also forget everyday things such as "how and when do I bathe?" "Do I need to eat, or did I eat already?" "How do I put on these clothes?" "What am I supposed to do in this bathroom?" That is how some patients in latter stages pee on the floor, in the garage or outdoors, put on the same dirty clothes every day, forget to take a shower, forget to brush teeth, stop wearing or lose glasses and hearing aids.

It is important to keep an eye on the person with any form of dementia so you can prevent major problems such as the person killing someone while driving a car, using a gun, start a fire, etc. We have had people on this Board saying "how can I take my father's guns away? He gets angry, he will hurt me if I try it." A solution was found - the guns were disabled. A car can also be disabled, so can a stove ..

But all this will be in the hands of the person your In-law designates as her power of attorney in medical and financial matters. That ought to be done now, if not done already. Then the rest of the family has to support and help the caregiver in every possible way.

My Mom lived 8 years from the time it became clear that she had senile dementia.. This is also the average for Alzheimer's disease. I think Pick's and Frontal lobe go faster, but am not sure.

Good luck with it, I know it is overwhelming at first.

Dementia is a broad category of neurological conditions. Alzheimer's is one type of Dementia... other types are Vascular Dementia, Pick's Disease, Frontal Lobe Dementia, Alcohol Induced Dementia... There are many many types of Dementia.

To give you an analogy.... Cancer is a broad category of diseases as Dementia is a broad category of diseases. Lung Cancer is a type of Cancer just like Alzheimer's is a type of Dementia. Hope that helps.

Dementia is Dementia... it is a progressive illness with no cure no matter what sub category title you put on it.

Love, deb

Looks like we were typing at the same time Martha :)
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Magenta"][/COLOR][/FONT]Hi Amanda06, It is nice to have a husband who cares and understanding to dementia. Sometimes it can be frustrating for the both of us.
That is a good question, would race play a part in most dementia cased in people. What nationality is she? I am a hinds 57. My dad's father comes from the Philiphines and his mothers comes from Italy. My mom is Irish, English and French. I would like to read up on it. I think it happens to whom ever it wants to attack. Like I said, my grandma Seconda is from Italy and she had dementia. I am not sure for how long but I know it got real bad in the last two years of her life. We were thankful that she did know we were her family even though she would forget her children's and grand children's names. My last memory is when she touched my face and made it clear that when she told me, when she says she loves me know that she does and she means it. She got to the point where she needed a lot of assistance, like bathing. The day she passed was when she fell on the floor and she told them, my uncle and aunt that she was going to die that day ans she did.
I do work on reading and staying up on the news and what ever I can to keep my brain working. I do get stressed easy. My daughter being in the hospital in Seattle first because of a fall that almost killed her and now in a phyc. floor because she was seeing things and talking to some one who wasn't there. We worry because she can't seem to put together what she wants to say. She gets mixed up and it's common with brain injuries. She has a hole where they drilled and put a pressure tube to release the swelling and she has bleeding in her brain. I just got off the phone with her and she sounds much better and she said she was sorry for the stuff she said but I told her it's ok and not to feel bad that sometimes stuff happens to us and we need a little bit of help and it isn't her fault. We pray for her always. It hurts to see her go through what she is and knowing we can't stop what happens but support her.
Last night I got to sleep for a change. It was nice.
I will pray for your family too and for your sister in law to get something that can help slow down the progressive dementia. I am sure my dementia has to do with the frontal lobe. I don't get enough oxigen to the brain, I first was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and then with hypothyroid and now with hosimoto thyroid. So a lot may have something to do with health problems. The doctors say they believe a lot has been brought on with the stress in my life.
To me, family is everything and I get the feeling you feel the same about your family. Thank you for your support and I hope I can be supportive too. I just know there are reasons for why things like this happens to us and maybe it happens so we can help others. I use to be a care giver. I have helped work with elderly in rest homes, the alzheimer's and I worked with the developementally disabled adults and last was a youth service counselor. I got sick with my health problems and now I can't work. I am going to visit the elderly, read to those in Hos pis that can't read the Bible to themselves so I think it would help them feel closer to God and make their passing easier. I feel keeping busy is very helpful. Maybe tell your sister in law that she can find something like that or she can find a hobby that she likes also that will keep her busy. Every one is different but there is a meaning in what ever happens to us in life and God has a plan for us all. I hope to hear from you more.
Sincerely, Hopeful Always
Today has been a frustrating day for me. I seem to correct a lot of my spelling for one.. when I email or doing this. I can at least catch when I miss spell words and change it. What I do is type the second letter instead of typing the first letter of the word and then have to fix it. I seem to forget more so lately in forgetting to feed my dog. I will cook her dog food so she can chew it easier but forget it in the micro wave. It makes me feel bad. I also can't concentrate or understand everything my husband says to me and it's frustrating for the both of us. I did tell him that my dementia is getting worse and at least he does know and agrees he has seen it kind of like when I have left the stove on or the oven on all night long or burning the pot holders or the stove covers too. This is the second stove covers that I have burned. I even forget to take my medication sometimes and have even forgot to refill one of my medication last month. I also notice more head aches and also I have flares where my head at the lower base of my head swells and hurts bad and then I have to use an ice pack to make it go down and take ibrprophen and I get frontal lobe headaches and my head feels cold there. I am 43 and worry how much more worse will it get and can my husband get through this with me. I do know that when I do get real bad then I will have to be in a alzhemier home and it upsets me to know they don't get enoguh help to care for all of the people who have dementia. I know and read in the Bible that we shouldn't worry that to have wisdom is understanding and to not worry means you believe and trust in God. I do trust in God, I read the Bible everyday and it helps when I feel kind of down about my dementia.
always hopeful
p.s. I hope will give insight in how some one with dementia feels but that we don't believe in giving up and God is always with us no matter what.

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