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Hi Liz :wave: welcome from a fellow sister :) As the others have said, so sorry for what you're facing, but glad you found us. My DSD (Dear Stepdad) was diagnosed with frontal temporal lobe dementia in July of '09. It has been a rough year. He just had his 75th birthday.

This news hits hard. There is alot of great support and information on this board. The folks here have gotten me through many a difficult spot. I will echo what others have said. Even with your training, don't beat yourself up about not having done something sooner. We do what we can, when we can. My mom and I began seeing signs of the disease in '07. We sat down to talk to my DSD about it. He said he felt fine! But, he also said something very prophetic: that if something really was wrong with his brain, he'd probably be the last to know. So take heart. Come and visit as often as you like.

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