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I've just been reading about the fact there are seven stages to Alzheimer's Disease. I've not heard of this before as I am still learning. Can anyone tell me what they are?

Thank you.
There is a stick topic at the top of the list of topics that list all 7 stages. One thing you need to remember is that they are not hard and fast rules. You might find that your love on has symptoms of 2 or 3 stages. It is just a general rules of thumb to go by and shows you the progression of the disease.

Stage 1... no symptoms are seen
Stage 2... forgetfulness
Stage 3... Confusion early stages with mild cognitive decline
Stage 4... Confusion late stages with moderate cognitive decline
Stage 5... Dementia early stage with moderate to sever cognitive decline
Stage 6... Dementia middle stage with sever cognitive decline
Stage 7... Dementia late stage with very sever cognitive decline

The sticky post on the 7 stages of ALZ will give you examples of each stage.

Love, deb
Thanks Deb.

How does delusion and/or aggression fit in to those stages - do you know?
I would guess at least stage 5 because there is significant cognitive decline. Delusions and aggression are not present in all loved ones with dementia but many do have them. They can be controlled with medication but it takes a while to get the right med and the right dosages. That take a proactive physician who is willing to work with you. As I said before... uncontrolled delusions and aggression can become dangerous.

I don't know much about the UK health system. Is there an agency or government body that can be contacted for a consultation?

You need to look up NICE... National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellent. That is the UK agency responsible for their heath care. See what you can find there that might be helpful.

Love, deb

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