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She told me she checks and doublechecks the stove. She said she looks for the little red light. Her meds are in a daily box. I bring her xanax, risperdal and ambien daily. She isn't going to wander---she can barely walk and has no interest in doing anything but watching TV and reading.

I was told here about 2 years ago to put her somewhere. She has done "good enough" by herself and we didn't waste all that money, that she will probably need in the future. I would rather start off with in home care. My father in law was in a beautiful assisted living and paid a fortune just to have someone administer meds.

I hate to sound cold, but I have only so much money to work with. I am trying to delay the inevitable. She doesn't want to live like this---she would rather be dead. She has told me this many times---even years ago. At 87, she has lived a long, good life . She has asked me repeatedly to find a way to end this. If she forgets how to call 911, or doesn't take her meds......she doesn't want to live anyway! She was angry once because she accused me of trying to keep her alive.

I know you mean well....but she can go a little while longer like this. When the time comes, I do have people I can contact.

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