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Yes we had this experience last summer. We moved my father-in-law closer to us to another state and we had direct flight for 2 hours. The hardest part was in the airport. You need to reduce the flight process. However, my father-in-law loved the flight itself thinking he wanted to go to the outer space (a surprise.)
Now this airport is some big issue. First of all, my FIL told me he was anxious in the airport waiting so I had to hold his hands all the time. Second, after arrival, we waited a bit renting a car but finally the nursing home's medical car took him and me first to the new home and left my husband behind to pick up our rental car. It took only 25 minutes drive to the new home.
The worst part is the airport. The funny thing is the inspection/monitor was OK.
You need to make sure you ask the airline for a wheelchair even if they can walk. This way they will go to the monitor directly (may not be another line but will not wait there.)
They may ask them to get up to be checked a little.
My advice is you need one person per the elder. In this case, you need 3 people who can take turns to help both parents at the airport. Do not leave them alone for one second. If they don't have diapers, you need to be diligent about the bathroom situation.
(My FIL had diapers and fortunately he didn't bother to go.)
Also use ear plugs on the plane so they won't hear too much noise.
The distance is a big issue so you need to work it out. With 12 hours car drive, you need to give them things to do.
My FIL cannot even take more than one hour car ride.

Good luck,

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