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I spend too much time on the internet trying to make sense of all that's going on, but I am glad to find this site. Mom is 90 y/o and has some form of fronto temporal lobe dementia. It doesn't present like what the literature says should be f-t-l disorder, but it really doesn't matter which of the diseases she has. They are all horrible.
She has been in the NH since July 4 2009. The decline was slower until Oct 2010 when she had pneunomia (she was still ambulating and eating well). Then Dec 27th she fell and broke her right hip. To the hospital for surgery, then back to the NH, but not eating or drinking well. Jan 26th she tried to stand up from her wheelchair and fell again. This time dislocated the same hip and it could not be reduced under concious sedation so surgery again to repair. Since then we have called in Hospice and are trying to keep her comfortable. She takes very little by mouth. Oatmeal with milk at breakfast about 200=300 cc. and a 200cc fortified shake during the day. Many times that's almost all she takes.
My Dad is just so pitiful--he wants to 'make her better'. He's 86.

Thanks for listening! :)


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