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Looking for support and to read about others and the battles they are having with this disease.
Long story short - very controlling mother moved them back to their home in Florida 5 years ago - changed all POA and other paperwork so my sister and I are out of the picture (we thought she was showing signs of demenita and this was her way to protect them) Any way parents are 12 hours away.
Mother hasd macular degeneration, mostly blind and since breaking her hip and not following up with therapy she can not walk by herself - even with a walker.
Dad was in hospital 2 weeks ago for fall - they got his meds all messed up then sent him to rehab to help get his strength back - again getting meds all messed up. He is now how with 2 care providers devoted to him and my mother has another 3.
Nephew whose father in law is a DR. has gotten his father in law to talk to the Dr. down there and if my father is stable enough he will be moved back up here to a facility that handles demenita/alzheimer patents. My mother will come back also and move in there (she thinks she is going into a garden home but that time has passed)
Leaving out lots but that is why I am here.
Thank You

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