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Last night I got into an argument with my mom and she continued it back up this evening. While I would think nothing of it, it's come to me that there is something there that's not right...not the usual young adult argue with mom argument.

I noticed a few things were off.

First, the night before she claimed she didn't hear me acknowledge her as I went up the stairs to drop off my dad's laundry however I did say something to her. Now while I shrugged off last night as maybe she didn't hear me, this evening she ADMITTED she heard me.

So she is lying? Now I rather believe she wasn't but that she might have slight dementia.

This isn't me jumping on a forum bashing my mother, I love her but because her mother had dementia and she seems to be getting up there in age where it can start (50 yrs) I'm beginning to worry that she does as well.

She begins to talk to my father about last night as I'm ignoring her with the intention of staying away from her wrath. All of a sudden, she runs in my room rips off my earpiece and glasses. I head over to my father to talk to him about her behavior while she keeps verbally harassing me even walking up pointing her finger in my face becoming aggressive.

In the past few years she has become more aggressive and irrational as the time flies by. Her thought process is not as logical and even a few times where she has done things or said things only turn around maybe a day or two later and to forget she had done it. It's not a matter of forgetting her keys but forgetting key things she has said.

However my biggest reason to believe she might have dementia is that her mother had it and I've read it can be hereditary. She works as a nurse taking care of patients with this disease and now I believe she has it as well.

She is over paranoid but she has always been paranoid since she was in her late 30s. Always thinking someone is out to kill me or her or kidnap us - whatever the case was. Now it's gotten out of hand where she thinks if I pick up a box cutter I will immediately and most definitely cut myself - might I remind you I'm 21. I've come to the conclusion that she has early Alzheimer's disease or some other form of Dementia.

Her physical health has been deteriorating as well, she is going under the knife for back surgery in less than a week but something tells me that she has a more serious problem going on: her mind might be ready to leave her.

The reason I come here is to ask your opinion, am I over-analyzing her behavior and this is just regular mom stuff that older moms do or is it truly what I fear that she might have the same disease her mother had?

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