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[QUOTE=sunbelle;4772119]Mom became ill last tues, with high fever and confusion
Took her to dr.....turned out to be E Coli UTI
1st antibotic... was resistant
by sat she was so ill .. we took her to ER:confused:
they changed antibotics, and she is on IV fluids and morphine for pain
Dr thinks it may be in her kidneys

I put her on comfort care only ,, as she is 90 and has been ill since dec.
One stroke, 2 seizures ,,now this.:mad:

We called hospice and if she survives next couple of days
then back to care home

How much can one elderly woman take before the end?
Anybody with this same experience?



I am so sorry about this. My father-in-law is not as bad as your Mom and he has not had seizures or stroke. Yet every year he goes to the ER at least once. He is 90. He got quite sick last year but he got better again.
It is like he is declining with Alzheimer's but he still recovers from some minor sickness at times. It is never ending trip and he is still around. He has better quality of life than lots of elders somehow but not the life he would want.

I heard that there is hospice and you can apply for it with medicare. You really need the doctor to write a letter saying she has only 6 months left given her sickness. Then she could go to the hospice regardless this roller coaster of ER/Recovery. If she is still alive after 6 months, you can apply for another 6 months hospice.
I heard that medicare A/B allows this and this has been done for real. But I don't know the people who have done this.
Maybe you can try this but you need to find a doctor who is willing to write this order.

I don't understand why the elderly in this late stage cannot try hospice just because we don't know when the dying is coming given its nature. It is so horrible and takes a long long shot.

Now my FIL has just stopped walking for real (he can walk with the walker with people's help - not really a real walk) and he eats pureed food. It is pretty close to the very late stage but he is still around and the home still tries the ER and he will still go through the cycle of ER/Recovery.

I hope you will find a way...:(

Take care,

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