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Thank you ladies. Yes, she does have Alzheimer's disease & she has been in a nursing home since January & she is in 'high care'. We were just surprised that these walking/instability problems happened so very quickly between our visits! She hasn't had any other infections or illnesses so the cause must be the dementia. I suppose that the progression of the disease must vary with individuals.

The nursing home is very good at notifying us of any falls but we didn't make the connection why they were happening. It scares me how quickly all this is happening too- just a year ago she was going for walks & managing quite well at home- but with bad memory problems though. We were hoping that she would improve with nutritious meals being cooked for her & her care being taken care off but I guess it just doesn't happen that way always.

We are feeling the distance very mush at the moment. It takes us a 1 hour flight followed by a 2 hour car journey to reach them so it is difficult to fit into around work commitments. We try & fly there & back in 1 day & spend a few hours over the lunch hour with them. They are in care together but my f in law isn't nearly so advanced- he does has vascular dementia though.

I wonder if this fast progression of her Alzheimer's will continue for her to the end? or can it advance in spurts of fast & slow? I'm not expecting you good people to be able to answer that by the way- I am just wondering if all Alz. patients have the same rate of progression I guess.....

All a bit of a learning curve really- & not such a nice journey as I'm sure many here would agree! ;)

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