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Hillside... there are times we all want to run long and hard and fast but the problem is... wherever we go there we are. What sent us running follows us because it is in us. I am so very sorry you have so much on your plate. What you need to do is don't beat up on yourself because you can't be all things to all people. You have to prioritize and do the best you can... then let the rest go.

I had such choices to make. Dad has Vascular Dementia when Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's back in 2006. The same weekend Mom was diagnosed my FIL fell breaking his neck and ending up in a Halo brace and eventually moved to a rehabilitation facility. He passed away in September 2009, just as Dad took a turn for the worse and we discovered that my MIL had dementia. Dad passed away March 2010 and my MIL passed away October 2010 with lots of resentment that I spent more time with my parents. This year we have struggled with probating three wills, cleaning out and selling two houses, and all the repercussions.... while I am still caring for Mom who is in the final stages of Alzheimer's. Oh, let's throw in there that a bad personnel change which completely change the facility Mom is in from excellent to just ok. Makes me tired when I look at the journey in total so I usually just stay in the moment :)

My daughter, bless her wisdom, gave me a new perspective to the fear of this disease. (my genetics are pretty rotten since three generations on my Mom's side have had Alzheimer's) She looked me straight in the face and said... by virtue of being human we are ALL terminal. We fear this disease as if we are immortal if we don't get it. We don't know if we have a tomorrow, let alone 1000 tomorrows. Everything in this world comes and goes... including us. We are only temporary. So I will make the biggest impact and live the best life I can without worry until it is all said and done.

Yep, I want to run away sometimes but mostly from myself and that doesn't work so well. Yet if you have a nice hammock between two lovely palm trees close to the shore and an endless supply of little umbrella drinks... I'm there!!! :)

Love, deb

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