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Hi guys. My dad was supposed to see the dr today, but surprised us all with a seizure at 04:00am. Symptoms: a screaming sound through his teeth followed by rigidity and clenching on teeth. He then lost consciousness and laboured breathing started - almost like apnea. This lasted for a g.ood 30 minutes and by the time the ambulance got here, dad couldn't stick out his tongue or clench his fists. Paramedic said that the symptoms looked more like a cerebrovascular accident (stroke) than epilepsy. Dad was quite confused afterwards :-( He was admitted to hospital and his dr said that the whole episode was due to an allergy to his indapamide meds, which absolutely does not make any sense. After telling the personnel that he suffered a droopy/lazy foot, they ordered an MRI to be done on the cerebellum.

When we went to visit dad this afternoon, we were informed that he had another seizure. It was the same as this morning and they moved him to ICU. He's connected to EEG machine, and all the other fancy stuff to measure vitals. Afterwards he was VERY disoriented and confused. Literally could not remember what you told him 30 seconds ago. However, this seemed to get a little better. I am wondering if the dr will still tell us that he suffered an allergic reaction:mad: Hopefully the MRI will shed some light on this.

What I am wondering, is if his memory lapses could be due to seizures and not Alzheimers at all. I still find it hard to believe that he has Alzheimers. The dr did however note earlier this morning that he has "quite advanced Alzheimers". How on earth can a new diagnosis of Alzheimers progress to "quite advanced" in 4 weeks?!! Do you guys think that it's possible that his "weird" symptoms the past few days may have been a precursor to last night's seizure? I'm sorry for all these questions - I guess I should put this post on an epilepsy board.

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