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Well this is nothing new to the world of dementia. My father-in-law has severe stage of Alzheimer's. Back in 2007, he forgot about computer and could not use the word processor anymore. He could not use the electric shaver and etc. It is dangerous for them to play with electrics. Please ask the family to set up the digital photo frame or anything. It is dangerous if she causes fire.
It is typical. She forgot what it is like to have plugs. Where does she plug it into? Why? What is the wire for? What is in the frame? Is it a real photo? Is it a real person trapping there?

You thought she would get better as she told you on the phone. Well, it is the other way around. Yes, it is better that she got diagnosed and is given meds. But it will get worse in terms of her memory loss and the need of caregiving. Now she may be in early moderate stage when she starts not knowing about the appliances. She cannot cook alone because she will forget about the stove and cause fire.

Please get a book on dementia. I know some people prefer this book or that book. But there are many books on this subject. Please read some of them to understand dementia.
Yes, please find out if it is vascular dementia or if it is Alzheimer's. The meds are different.

We are also long-distanced caregivers but we moved my FIL to a state nearby. We are in Canada and he is in Vermont. Just 2 hours drive. Also, on the phone, it is hard to see what she is doing. Try to visit her often.


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