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Vegas girl,

I am glad you had quality time with your Dad. Like you, my husband is the single child although he has a half-brother in Europe. Basically it is only us and we have no kids. So the responsibility to care for my father-in-law is on my husband and me. I help my husband with the financial stuff and taxes and paperwork. The worst thing is we are not in the same country. We counted on the caregivers from the home care service and we also moved him to another state to be closer to us (2 hours drive now.) He was in IL and now he is in VT. We are in Canada right above VT and NY. It has been 8 years since 2004 when the whole thing started when my late MIL died.
Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, my FIL is still alive in the age of 91 and he is in severe stage this year. In a wheelchair and does not talk actively anymore. I am afraid that he cannot say "I love you" like early 2011 anymore.
It is a dilemma. I don't want to take away his life and I am not God so I don't want to pray like that. But I understand now his quality of life is poor. But he is happy the way it is. He likes his new nursing home for memory impaired. (He moved in the summer of 2010.)

Dementia and Alzheimer's is a horrible disease and it is a long goodbye. It is sad.

Take care,

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