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Thanks for that insightful info, Deb. I just received a copy of the report of her CT scan performed at the hospital during Mom's ER visit last week. Since I am unable to fully interpret such a report, items are mentioned that appear to inquire further investigation, none of which I was informed about upon leaving the hospital, by the way. To what extent these features are impacting her current condition I can only wonder. It reads:

FINDINGS: There is a 9mm nodule in the supracellar region anteriorly projecting between the medial frontal lobes, associated with the anterior cerebral arteries, concerning for possible aneurysm. Contrast MRI of the brain/MRA of the Circle of Willis is recommended for further evaluation. The extra-axial spaces are otherwise prominent, as are the ventricles, compatible with moderate diffuse cerebral and cerebellar atrophy. Gray/white differentiation appears preserved. No acute intracranial hemorrhage. No mass effect. Minimal subcortical and periventricular hypodense white matter disease is nonspecific, likely chronic small vessel ischemic change in this age group. There is dense calcific atherosclerosis of the cavernous sinus segments of the internal carotid arteries bilaterally. Included paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells appear normally pneumatized. The calvarium appears intact. A cluster of small old lacunar infarcts, right basal ganglia, 0.8 cm in total diameter, series 2, image 10. Symmetric punctate calcifications in the basal ganglia bilaterally are likely physiologic.

Her primary care doctor apparently didn't think anything here was worth mentioning, insofar as impacting her current status or otherwise, because if I hadn't obtained these results by specific request to the hospital I wouldn't know about any of this. Clearly there are vascular (and stroke risk?) implications detailed here, but I suspect the indication of "moderate diffuse cerebral and cerebellar atrophy" was enough for the ER and PC physicians to "write off" her newfound symptoms to worsening dementia. But I shouldn't make any assumptions about what the doctors' think because I didn't speak with them about this. I am going to try to bring this report to the attention of the nursing home doctor because he is effectively in charge of her care while she is in there. Not sure exactly otherwise how to proceed. I need to find a doctor that can correctly interpret these results with appropriate follow up.

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