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My late father-in-law died before we wanted to start hospice. So I have no idea what hospice really does for a demented person.
What I learned is that taking drugs is not the only way out when the person is too agitated. There is also another way to cope: the caregivers need to be tricky with him and play with his fantasies and thoughts. Sometimes the caregiver needs to say white lies or tricks to calm him down. But I guess now it is kind of late as he is agitated a lot and refused... It also depends on his personality.
Maybe you can find out what he dislikes and remove the bad elements that upset him and go from there. If the caregiver can calm him down a bit, then the drugs can be reduced. All Alzheimer's patients get agitated but the caregivers or dementia unit use different techniques to comfort the demented person. e.g., if he wants to say he is at work, go with it and say yes we are working with you and etc. Go with his lines.

Just my 2 cents,

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