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... Should an alzhemiers patient be on two alzhemiers medicines at once. The meds are risperdal and aricept? ... (2 replies)
... We all forget where our car keys are etc... But someone with the beginning of dementia or Alzhemiers it is progressively worse. ... (3 replies)
Mom has passed
Sep 2, 2012
... My mother as of tomorrow will have been gone 2 weeks. She was in the last stage of alzhemiers. She knew hwe family was familar but not who we were. She died from kidney failure. Monday 3 weeks ago i was visiting she ask me how my garden was did i have tomotoes and squash, this surprize me i told her yes that i had brought her some but she wouldn't eat them she laughed... (9 replies)

... Hubby was dx with subcortical dementia a couple of years ago. Is that the same as vascular dementia & what is the difference between dementia & Alzhemiers? He takes Aricept, sinemet, neurontin plus meds to aid in sleep. He has sundowners' syndrome where he wakes up at 1am & is up until 7 or 8am. His days & nites are mixed up. It drives me crazy cause he talks while he watches... (1 replies)
... My dad is 74 and lives away from us. Within the past 3 months he has started seeing people with only half faces and other deformities. He is also seeing animals that are half fish and half alligators. He told me this evening he has 20 to 30 people in his house and with young children. None of the people talk but are in the way. They are sitting in his seat and he thought... (4 replies)
... because I would take it. I got to try it for a one month trial test and liked taking it because I was told it would slow down the progession. I used to work with alzhemiers and learned that some care givers ends up with dementia their selves. I only worked with them for almost a year.. ... (33 replies)
My Sweet Moma
Jul 6, 2009
... Well, he sure was in the NH and had been there for about 4 months....He has Alzhemiers and was begging to go home... ... (125 replies)
Jun 12, 2009
... Hey y'all, I went to see Mom yesterday, she was quite but still alert... I asked her some questions about things that happen the day my aunt died that might jog her memory.... but NOTHING!!!!!...I really don't understand this...Why can she remember things that happened 20 yrs., 10 yrs. or yesterday but can't remember anything about the day my Aunt died, that is something that... (274 replies)
May 26, 2009
... make her room look like a showroom and she still wouldn't be happy...I feel like I am fighting a losing battle...Gosh, it's so sad, I just hate this disease!!!!! Alzhemiers has to be the cruelest disease there is.... ... (274 replies)
May 19, 2009
... Since this site is all about dealing with Dementia and Alzhemiers I will just deal with everything else by myself. ... (274 replies)
... I had this wonderful idea to have my son bring my grandchildren and join my husband and I for Mother's Day lunch with my mother. The assisted living facility where my mother resides had a special lunch for those that wanted to be together for Mother's Day. When we got there I noticed that there wasn't any small children. My grandchildren are 9, 8 and 6. They don't get to... (5 replies)
Apr 27, 2009
... I don't know if I am on the right site or not but if so, I have a question...My mother was recently diagnosed with Alzhemiers. She is 84 years old. I am an only child and I tried for 3 months to keep mom at home but it got to the point where I could not handle her alone. I had to put her in a nursing home and I live each day with unbeleiveable guilt. She had to be put in... (274 replies)
... My MIL had the same symptoms. Like overnight she couldn't even stand. The Dr. had a Physical Therapist come out to her home. He said there was no reason she couldn't walk and sure enough after 2-3 months of therapy she was fine. Her problem is that she would sit in bed all day and only get up occassionally. He finally made her get rid of the couch in the bedroom and told... (9 replies)
... Hello my friend in Florida, I am in complete agreement with you about the disease "Alzheimer's". It is so horrible. When my husband got where he could not walk his neurologist suggested a stint into his brain for draining off excess fluid. He thought that might stabilize him and help him walk better, has your doctor suggested this procedure? I did not go along with it since... (9 replies)
... ive read up on this disease many many times.. everything i read it seems like to me from what im understanding, when they loose the ability to walk they are already in a vegetable state of mind.. Nana is forgetting things, she does have sundowners and she does get confused , however she still knows us , she still talks , she can tell time, she still eats . she does know... (9 replies)
... Hi- after reading a lot of the messages on this forum regarding how Alzheimer's affects the ability to walk confirms to me that this is just another part of the disease. I was concerned about this in the beginning but now I know it is one more thing to deal with. My husband is in the final stages of this horrible disease that was brought on by strokes. We are in our fourth... (9 replies)
... I'm with you Martha. I have been totally amazed how a UTI can affect the elderly. Mom's disorientation and fall in February related back to a UTI. I'm with you on the Cranberry juice. I also think any time there is a change in behavior or ability that needs to be the first test done. Glad you found an answer lucky and hope it is improving with treatment. Love, deb (9 replies)
... It is always so amazing how UTIs affect people - who knew it could be that serious? NHs ought to give all the patients cranberry juice daily. It's hard enough without a UTI every couple of months! Glad you got answers! Love, Martha (9 replies)
... Well just wanted to give the update.. They figured out the problem. Thyroid,low b-12, and a UTI... So shew this is a good thing.. Maybe she will recover and be okay for awhile.. (9 replies)
... yes she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus 1 yr ago,however she was diagnosed with Alz yrs before this.. She started having fainting spells,dizzy,headaches , having trouble controlling her urine and her gait was instable.. Did an MRI found water on the brain.. The dr said since the brain was having global atrophy it was over compensating with water.. So shunt was inserted... (9 replies)

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