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... five months before she passed away last October. My mother had a low tolerance for most meds. She was able to take Aricept for awhile but then she began to have problems and had to stop taking it. ... (9 replies)
... she did have pneumonia last year at this time, and she did quit smoking then as well. She refused to take BP meds last year at this time, she is taking them now. ... (9 replies)
... infarct Dementia. It is caused by blood flow disruptions to various areas of the brain due to strokes or other vascular issues. Aricept is intended for use in Alzheimer's. It treats the underlying cause of Alzheimer's and not the underlying causes of Vascular Dementia.... ... (3 replies)

... but he had loss of appetite so we stopped it right away Aricept makes the patient more perceptive. ... (4 replies)
Naminda study
Apr 26, 2011
... erated his incontinence. He ended up at a Gastroenterologist who wanted to do a lower and upper GI. I put my foot down and say no way!! I ask repeatedly about taking him off the Namenda and Aricept. You would have thought I was asking to stab him to death. ... (26 replies)
Who are we?
Oct 17, 2009
... Kathy... Bless you!!! I so know where you are coming from. Yes, we did stop Mom's Namenda and Aricept. ... (116 replies)
... yrs. He was on 5 mg. for 1 yr. Then, it seemed to stop working. So we upped his dose to 10 mg. Aricept. He is doing well on it for now. ... (4 replies)
... hat. well my father started complaining about how much her pills cost so when she went back to the dr he said that he was removing her from her coronary meds and aricept because the cost is to high and its not going to give alot of results. ... (9 replies)
... My husband was also put on Aricept when he was first diagnosed. ... (4 replies)
... Namenda medication. I was even told it was a moral question... as if I was taking her off of a ventilator or taking out a feeding tube. ... (13 replies)
... His, your question is difficult but here are my thought... having been through the same with both my Mom and my Dad. I do not think the Aricept or Namenda qualify for extraordinary measures. I also don't think they do much good. ... (5 replies)
Oct 2, 2010
... like. We had to to stop the patch, but husband did so well in the beginning, we retried the lower dose patch. ... (1 replies)
... h that post has helped and intriqued me css1. I have heard other stories such as yours where the Namenda in particular caused behavior problems. Mom was put on Aricept and Namenda in October of 06. ... (26 replies)
... (6 replies)
... There could be something going on with her health that is affecting her AD, or she may have stopped taking the Aricept. Even if she is still taking it, it will will eventually stop working. ... (6 replies)
... is a normal score. Anything lower can indicate decreased cognition. I am not a huge fan of any of these medications. They don't stop or improve cognition. They only slow the decline in some individuals. I saw no benefit from the Namenda or Aricept with my Mom. ... (5 replies)
Dr's Appointment
Jun 20, 2010
... There are medications on the market such as Exelon, Namenda, or Aricept that is supposed to slow the symptoms. It doesn't make it better and it doesn't stop it... and in some case it does nothing at all. If your Mom is advanced in the disease it may have minimal if any effect. ... (6 replies)
... Dementia patients are put on a coctail of medications because there is nothing that will "fix" the problems. Namenda and Aricept are supposed to slow the progression of the disease. It is not a miracle cure all. It seems to work for some and not for others. ... (7 replies)
I have a question
Dec 11, 2008
... rmal progression of life. At this point, it's also keeping her wired throughout the day, so much so that the Ativan doesn't last as long as it may if she wasn't taking this other stuff. ... (12 replies)
... You are probably right Shell. Giving the Aricept early is when it makes the most difference. We were told this by the memory assessment research center that diagnosed Mom. ... (21 replies)

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