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NPH & Alzheimers
Feb 20, 2009
... confirm or rule it out. I know they sent her home on a fluid restricted diet. Which now I am thinking was not for the NPH, although when we asked abouts signs or symptoms that is what we were told. I am beginning to think we were just not told the right info. ... (20 replies)
... I should have asked this in my previous post, but can some of you share your experience with alzheimers. What kind of symptoms did your spouse, father,mother or other display in the beginning and forward? ... (17 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone here had had similiar experiences or could offer any ideas, thoughts, advice or info. At this time, we still have no diagnosis, but the symptoms seem to be pointing to Alzheimers or some sort of mental breakdown. ... (6 replies)

... Welcome Michael! You're picking up on some of the first symptoms that many of us here have confessed to overlooking! My family sure did! ... (10 replies)
... I was one of those that Statin muddled mentallly. I spent about a year in a mental fog before forgetting my pills when I went on a week long trip. That was the beginning of getting better. I had no clue, while taking the medication, what it was doing to me. But I surely knew when I went off them how different I was. ... (5 replies)
... Does any of this sound like the beginning of Altzheimer's or some mental deterioriation due to the alcochol abuse? ... (18 replies)
... Thank you both for your replies. I want so desperately to believe it is something else, something treatable - even stroke. She has a serious family history of stroke as her mother suffered many strokes for years and her brother has also had a stroke. But deep inside I feel like it is dementia for some reason. How old was your husband when he started exhibiting these symptoms? (6 replies)
... I think you misunderstood what I wrote. Mum cannot have the symptoms of dementia. It is itself a symptom. ... (15 replies)
Pre Alzheimer????
May 29, 2006
... and could very well be in the stages where the symptoms are too subtle to slap an AD diagnosis at this point. ... (6 replies)
The inevitable
Apr 22, 2014
... My Mom originally was diagnosed with dementia in 2003, after showing "slight" symptoms for a few years before that. ... (7 replies)
Hi. I'm new.
Aug 9, 2005
... any other disease that runs in families, whether cancer, heart disease, diabetis, etc. He said you live a healthy lifestyle, and plan on being sensitive to the symptoms when you reach an age where the disease may occur. ... (4 replies)
... My dear MIL was put on Aricept at the time of her diagnosis with Alzheimers in 2002. ... (21 replies)
... Our newspaper recently did an article on driving by the elderly, and wrote that little dents in the car or unexplained accidents are major symptoms of being unable to drive. ... (8 replies)
How Much Time...
Jan 8, 2011
... that he can live for another 10 or 20 years depending on his physical body, or something can happen tomorrow. They won't make any predictions. It's unusual for Alzheimers to be the cause of death, although it certainly can happen. More typically, it's pneumonia or some other intervening cause. ... (5 replies)
... could not find the site any hints? (27 replies)
... Just a quick recap. My FIL has alzheimers and he and my MIL live downstairs from us. ... (18 replies)
... ll get worse! You mentioned shingles. Would the medication she had a reaction to Prednisone!!! I ask because Mom had an episode of prednisone psychosis at the beginning of her Alzheimers. It was several years later that her symptoms again became sever enough that I took her for a diagnosis. ... (12 replies)
... HI .....I am hoping you all can provide me with some suggestions for my Mom. I will try to make a long story short---- My Grandmother has had alzheimer's/dementia for going on 10 years. Her Mother (my Great Grandmother) suffered for 20 years before she passed away in 2000, and my Grandmother ( I call her Mimi) was her only child and caregiver. She was in a nursing home (... (15 replies)
SO confused !
Jan 2, 2007
... cog testing, or spinal taps that it was dementia. They just kind of shrugged and said "well, she displays some symptoms of dementia. Shes depressed, her concentration is bad and she doesnt speak well. Go home and lets schedule another test". ... (4 replies)
... Okay, I have a question that may seem stupid to everyone, but it is real and important to me. Does someone who is beginning to become demented know it themselve, or do others notice it first. ... (7 replies)

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