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... Hi! I spend too much time on the internet trying to make sense of all that's going on, but I am glad to find this site. Mom is 90 y/o and has some form of fronto temporal lobe dementia. It doesn't present like what the literature says should be f-t-l disorder, but it really doesn't matter which of the diseases she has. They are all horrible. She has been in the NH since... (20 replies)
... is bad knees and out a back door with a broken alarm. He was spotted by an alert family member of another resident walking down a busy street at 6 am with it 13 F with no coat on. The family member called the police who picked him up and brought him back to the facility. ... (7 replies)
The time has come
Nov 17, 2010
... Hello- ;) I wrote on this board some weeks ago re my mother-in-law, & met some very kind people here! She has vascular dementia & my step father-in-law who is now 90 has been looking after her in their home. We live in another state & visit whenever it's possible. Till now my step f. in law has refused to go into care insisting that he could manage but it has become... (18 replies)

How do I go on?
Jan 14, 2009
... this is from another post put out by a wonderful individual named AngelBear. I put it here just for your convenience since you may not understand where the others were trying to have you look. Good luck 7 Stages of ALZHEIMER'S -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stage 1 - NO SYMPTOMS OF ALZHEIMER'S ARE SEEN. Stage... (63 replies)
... Stage 1 - NO SYMPTOMS OF ALZHEIMER'S ARE SEEN. Stage 2 - FORGETFULNESS: Very mild cognitive decline. For example, problems such as: vagueness of where familiar objects are, complaints about not remembering well, forgetting names once well known. There is however, no loss of abilities in social interactions or in employment situations. Stage 3 - CONFUSION EARLY STAGE:... (0 replies)
... She was admitted to an Assisted Living for AZ and Dementia on July 1. Her MMSE is now 7. She adjusted better than anyone expected. Mornings were rough, but in the afternoon she would talk to people, crack jokes, etc. ... (7 replies)
... So I ring my BIL .... L answers phone.. I catch her up with the latest and she blows me away with "yes, but BIL doesn't believe the dementia .. ... (4 replies)
Lost my cool....
Aug 13, 2007
... om's depression in light of her Alzheimer. She is also going to talk to Dad and see what his feelings are on the subject of placement. Dad has a very different dementia from Mom. Even though he cannot remember what day it is or where he is at times.... ... (19 replies)
... I have a new one. It has to do with my MIL who is not diagnosed with any type of dementia but definitely needs to be evaluated because she has all the signs of it. ... (24 replies)
Hot and Cold
Jul 1, 2013
... nge it. It seems like every summer there are stories of old people who die of heat stroke because they don't turn on the AC or open the window. Maybe they have dementia and don't feel the heat. ... (11 replies)
... he does has vascular dementia though. ... (6 replies)
... eds to take 5 units less of insulin and get an MRI for the cognitive problems. I was very frustrated by the way the doctor blew off my husband about the possible dementia symptoms, I didn't realize that he also was irritated by my husband thinking that he was blowing things out of proportion. ... (13 replies)
... At what point would you all say that the benefit of dementia meds becomes, well, negligible or unnecessary? ... (5 replies)
... HI Natalie I know EXACTLY where you're at. My loving Mother in Law was EXACTLY the same. Frontal Temporal & Primary progressive aphasia. She's been in a NH for 2 years now, (as happy as larry by the way). We looked after her for 2 years previous, and when we sorta sat down and thought about it, she was exhibiting some early EARLY signs probably quite a few years before... (1 replies)
... :angel:Thank you all so much for the replies----I know my post was LONG----but I think I actually really gave you the main points of the story. Martha-----Thanks for everything you said-----I didn't think her going to the graduation was the BEST of ideas----but that was my uncles insisting that she be there----now my Mom did all of the running, and making sure she got Mimi... (15 replies)
Kleenex and rocks
May 27, 2009
... Ok, y'all. Time for a lil' deb rant. I just got dad to bed. It's 9:20pm, and he is just a'spinnin'. The routine of today was broken, because daughter has moved out of her house and into another, and I went over to the old house to help her clean it. Only took two hours, but dad had to get up 15 minutes earlier, eat his bacon and eggs and toast in sandwich form, and... (12 replies)
... Hello and good morning to all; It`s been a few days since I was last here to talk to anyone. Been alittle busy trying to get back into and old career. All is good on this side of life for the most part. I wish to say thanx to all that have sent a reply to my last message. I will try to give you all a bit of history on Mom and what is going on with her. It all started... (47 replies)
Mar 9, 2005
... This AM as I was leaving the house Mm got up, earlier than usual, 6AM. I was bundled up to the eyeteeth with 16 degree F temperature and lots of ice on the streets. Mom said. "are you wearing your scarf? ... (55 replies)
... Well .. That didn't go down too well. Gerientologist said basically what we've been told before, he was just a bit more blunt about it I guess. He doesn't want to talk about details of messes, he's seen in 3,500 times, he's straight forward about what HAS to be done. He said .... MIL has dementia. I don't care what kind, it's not important, what's important is she's... (17 replies)
Quandary ??
May 8, 2011
... Hello everyone, I have been overseas visiting my daughter for a few weeks so have sadly got very out of touch. I returned yesterday & then during the night we had the sad news that an Aunt died in her sleep. The funeral is to be next week as it will take this long to gather all the family together as we are all very spread out. My m in law & f in law recently moved into... (7 replies)

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