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Is this Dementia
Feb 9, 2009
... Is she getting the feces out of her Depends? ... (6 replies)
Smearing of feces
Jun 30, 2009
... s. She feels something in her brief, she checks it out, she may not even remember she has done then when she decides to scratch her face. To us she is smearing feces on her face... to her she is just doing what comes natural in the moment and the moments do not connect. ... (3 replies)
Smearing of feces
Jun 30, 2009
... This is absolutely a sign of dementia.. I have been posting on the Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Board here on HB since 2004 and it was an enormous help to me in being the caregiver of my Mom. She passed away at the age of 99, with final stage Dementia. ... (3 replies)

Smearing of feces
Jun 29, 2009
... My 97 year old aunt is being cared for 7/24s in her home. when she gets mad at the caregivers she uses her bowel movement to play with it (she is in diapers) and smear it on her face. This is getting a more frequent occurrence. Is this a sign of dementia? She has been diagnosed at Stanford with mild dementia/alzheimer. (3 replies)
... Vjh... you are not going to convince her, explain to her, or otherwise talk her into bathing. Not going to happen. I went through this with Dad for years. Even when he knew he was home he would tell me he had already showered. First of all Mom does not know where she is. Would you strip naked and shower in a strange house? I don't think so :) You have to understand... (4 replies)
... My Mom lost control of her feces while still living with me, and I came home to find mounds of poop on the bathroom floor, and tracks of it all over the aprtment as she had walked in it. ... (8 replies)
Is this Dementia
Feb 9, 2009
... Hello :wave: My Mother is the primary caregiver of my Grandmother who is 88 years old. She is able to walk and talk and feed herself. And she has full use of all her limbs and all bodily functions and she's not on any medications, except for occational antibiotics. (Thank God!) SHE'S ALSO STONG AS AN OX!! :eek: However, her mind is off.....sometimes. You can tell her 5... (6 replies)
Need an opinion
Sep 21, 2013
... Rufous... this is what happens when you are at a specialist who has no clue what dementia is! They have a standard protocol that they follow and nowhere in there is any consideration of dementia. ... (5 replies)
... She was admitted to an Assisted Living for AZ and Dementia on July 1. Her MMSE is now 7. She adjusted better than anyone expected. Mornings were rough, but in the afternoon she would talk to people, crack jokes, etc. ... (7 replies)
... I've been away for a while after the move of my parents from Independent Living to the locked dementia unit... as an update, so far, so good. My dad is doing OK since my mom's better, although they do still have their moments of marital discord. ... (9 replies)
... expired food in cupboards and the fridge, urine and toilet paper on the bathroom floor, newspaper piled on furniture and tables, the smell of stale food and dog feces fill the house. There is no running water in the kitchen, floor tiles are missing and a piece of cardboard covers a hole in the kitchen ceiling. ... (44 replies)
... work full time and have an autistic son who I can't be away from all weekend long. He was not potty trained fully until he was 11 years. I understand autism and dementia are different but my son never was unclean , never had to sleep in feces like my mother does. I cleaned him up until we got him completely toilet trained. ... (4 replies)
... Sigh... My grandma is in her late 70's and has I think moderate dementia. She forgets a lot and sometimes signs have to be made to remind her for example I moved away. She also forgets people sometimes or sometimes she's in her bedroom and she forgets what's on the other side of the door and has to look. She has 9 living children, and tons of grandchildren and great... (27 replies)
... I took care of my Mom for 5 years, but later wished it had ended sooner, maybe after 4. It was just that her Dementia became so much worse. I was not capable of dealing with it. Things I never imagined in my worst nightmares happened. ... (16 replies)
... I felt the same repugnance for drugs until I brought 'old papa' home from the nursing home to live w/me for his last days (we had him home w/hospice help for @ 18 months), he was 93 years old. There came a point that we HAD to go to meds to keep him from hurting himself. They didn't work too well (nurse said it was like trying to medicate a bull - he would get wired on pain &... (11 replies)
... urinary tract infection...common among the elderly in general, and especially with dementia victims since they often do not recognize thirst and refuse beverages offered. ... (11 replies)

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