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... Loss of communication skills varies in each and every person, but does manifest itself eventually at some stage. Lack of communication is not part of the final stages, it's just another level. ... (11 replies)
... you could read the 'sticky' at the top of this forum that says "The 7 Stages of Alzheimers'. That's a pretty good indication of what to expect. ... (4 replies)
... what are the final stages of dementia? ... (4 replies)

... kittybetty...this horrendous disease is very sly...often when our loved one reaches "the final stage", we ready ourselves for their death. Sometimes death WILL come quickly, but once in a while, that final stage lasts longer than we wish. ... (4 replies)
... I did until she got into the final stages of parkinsons, and I couldnot physically lift her in and out of bed into the wheel chair, and lift her in and out of the tub and toilet. ... (5 replies)
... rry the blood. It needs fluids to help balance our hormones. It needs plenty of fluid for every ceel in the body. So it makes perfect sense that if a person with dementia becomes dehydrated, they're symptoms of dementia will become worse. ... (17 replies)
... I don't know the exact stage she has, but it may be stage 6. Not stage 7. It depends on how the caregiving goes. My FIL who has stage 6/7 AD has had the same problems over the years. First of all, regarding eating, does she choke a lot on the food or water? If she is in late stage, she will have trouble swallowing. My FIL has had this problem for 2 years so now he is having... (3 replies)
... Middle, everything you described is typical of the later stages of dementia. It is typical for them to sleep more and mover. ... (3 replies)
... in pain, it might be caused them pain, fear, anxiety ... when they can't chew or swallow, that's typically when Hospice can come in and help the family with the final stages of this horrible disease. ... (18 replies)
... I would say he is in the final stages he will get to a point where he won't be able to eat or drink and the best thing is don't force it because you don't want to go through this week after week but basically it would be day by day there is no use in keeping a vegetable alive which is what happened to my mother in law we let nature take its course and put it in gods hands and... (40 replies)
... This is what I observed during the last few days/weeks of my wife's passing last month. I had visited her every day for 6-7 hours for the last two years in a NH, fed her, talked to her, held her hands, caressed her forehead, kept a daily log (vitals, BM's, medications. etc.) and also watched other residents deteriorate and die from this condition. None, some or all of these... (40 replies)
... very small bites. I would raise Dad up as high as I could and make sure his chin was pointed down, that keeps the food from going the wrong way better. In the final days it is more about comfort. There is a thick protein vitamin drink they called it Med Pass when I was taking care of Dad. It is better than Insure. ... (17 replies)
... It could be dehydration... or it could be renal failure which may accompany the final stages. Is there a home care nurse that could come check him? ... (32 replies)
... Thanks Ken! I agree with you on final stages He is 92 and he is ready i am just concerned because I dont want him in pain Caregivers wanted to send him to ER hopefully he can hold out till hospice starts Thanks again Chris (32 replies)
... Sounds like it could be the final stages. ... (32 replies)
My Mom..Dementia
Jan 25, 2010
... Oh my goodness caringsister please know that I certainly didn't mean to sound the way I obviously did. I do know it's not for everyone and I do know it doesn't mean I love my mom more than the next person. I am truly sorry you are dealing with the issues you mentioned. I have heard tales of the wait one must endure when the passing occurs. Sure it worries me, only hindsight is... (21 replies)
... MY grandfather is in a nursing home and has dementia. He had been able to communicate with me. 6 days ago he began having speech difficulty speaking whereas i have a hard time understanding him and he just repeats what ever you say to him (11 replies)
... It is terribly sad to watch a loved one decline with dementia. After being treated at the hospital for 5 days for aspiration pnemonia, Dad has been back at the nursing home for about 3 weeks. His food must be extra thick pureed but he still is having swallowing problems. Also he is eating much less than he used to, sometimes he lets out loud sighes inbetween small spoonfuls... (17 replies)
... Dear Neenee, what beautiful thoughts. I appreciate all the people who have been down this path and still come back to give us a hand. You really went that extra mile with your Dad. God bless you. Interesting that you brought up dehydration. I just read an article saying dehydraton can cause full blown 'senile dementia" (this is a somewhat older book) . and providing... (17 replies)
... I am kind of new here, but I did visit these boards once a long time ago. I think I just lurked. I lost my Daddy after taking care of him for 7 years and I know how hard it is. The stories are so familiar. We kept him at home as long as we could. The last 8 months he went into the hospital. He had been having difficulty swallowing for somtime. I was also dealing... (17 replies)

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