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... Trying to keep it simple here ... ??? My MIL was diagnosed with dementia. The doctor said there was no point in telling her because she a) would forget or b) wouldn't understand or c) deny the entire thing and cause more problems. It's a personal choice. We do believe educating our charges will help them in their journey with the disease, but I think it's justification... (7 replies)
Not Ready to Die
Nov 21, 2007
... You are right Martha... many do not understand. My sisters do not understand my wish for my Dad's heart to give out before he reaches the final stages. I know he will go when it is his time but my wish for him is that it will be easy FOR HIM! Not for me but for him. ... (14 replies)
... Nina... if there is something significant that the ER can do to improve the quality of life I am sure the facility professionals will recommend it. Sometimes they are almost too proactive. ... (14 replies)

... This will give a quick view of her cognitive status. There are 30 questions with 30 being a perfect score indicating no problem. The lower the score the worse the problem. ... (5 replies)
Alzheimers spouse
Jul 10, 2011
... ions! The people here have been there and done that for quite awhile now. I wish wish wish I had found this board way before I did because it is a treasure trove of helpful advice including the much needed hand holding. We may not see one another's faces here but we see their hearts in the words typed out in times of need. ... (11 replies)
My Mom..Dementia
Jan 25, 2010
... veryone and I do know it doesn't mean I love my mom more than the next person. I am truly sorry you are dealing with the issues you mentioned. I have heard tales of the wait one must endure when the passing occurs. Sure it worries me, only hindsight is 20 20. I responded to the first post in haste. ... (21 replies)
... she is in her final stages. Would I do it again knowing what I know? ... (48 replies)
May 5, 2009
... e years. It is not certain at which stage a person passes away, indeed, many people who have dementia die from something else along the way before it reaches the final stages. ... (274 replies)
... I wrote about my Mom just to tell you how the final stages go, so that you would be prepared for it. Yet I know nothing can really prepare us for the loss of a loved one, especially this kind of awful disease. I do feel sorry for you and that you have to go through all this. ... (27 replies)
... but, meanwhile, your sister is using up her own resources, putting her own health in grave danger, and making her life a misery, unnecessarily. ... (10 replies)
... Speech tends to go haywire unfortunately, which makes the whole job of 'caring' just that little bit more difficult, because what's going on inside THEIR head is perfectly NORMAL to them, but to us .. it's erratic behaviours. ... (10 replies)
... But we can't. Enjoy your mum as much as possible, give her lots of hugs, loves, and kisses. Tell her how much you appreciate all that she did for you, somehow she'll understand and you'll feel better. ... (6 replies)
... I do not have any encouraging answers either. Dementia runs it course and the final sight of attack is the brain stem which controls the function of the body organs. The ability to swallow and separate food path and airway is one of those functions. There is no way to give that back to her. ... (3 replies)
Feel so angry
Jan 20, 2009
... I'm so sorry to hear of your mom's diagnosis. I do understand what you are feeling. ... (13 replies)
... le all you do and to add in an unappreciative, fussy, suspicious, selfish, completely dependant adult is just TOO MUCH. You are not Superwoman! Neither are any of us. We so understand all of your story. ... (14 replies)
... Thank you all for your persistence in bumping the 7 Stages list for newbies, and in finally getting the much needed sticky stuck! ... (6 replies)
... makeing connecting thoughts very difficult and distroying whole sections of brain, resulting in cognitive disfunctioning. Memory impairment seams to be the first sign for most... ... (6 replies)
... When you say CJD do you mean Creutzfeldt Jakob disease? Please read new thread I just posted to this site. (31 replies)
... who was doing work in Borneo or New Guinea or somewhere in the world with a remote tribe of people that practiced ritualistic cannibalism. ... (31 replies)
Grocery Shopping
Apr 14, 2010
... Remember that the kicking and sceaming phase ends. A more compliant stage comes. There is light at the end of the tunnel will not be taking care of the exact same thing a year from now. In other words, "this too shall pass. ... (15 replies)

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