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... day long arguments trying to convince her that she stank, while she maintained she was just out of the tub. Many times she washed her hair over and over again, forgetting all the rest of her body. ... (12 replies)
... both seem to be getting a little worse. It mainly seems to be more sleeping for both of them and mostly forgetting the day of the week and the date. They have at least 4 calendars in different places around their house! ... (12 replies)
... but these days he seems to be forgetting a lot of things. ... (1 replies)

... The regular calendar is still in the laundry room. I keep track of upcoming things in the regular calendar, and then just write them on the white board when the dates get closer. We now all rely on the white board very heavily to see what everyone is doing and it always has handy telephone numbers. ... (12 replies)
How do I go on?
Jan 14, 2009
... vagueness of where familiar objects are, complaints about not remembering well, forgetting names once well known. There is however, no loss of abilities in social interactions or in employment situations. ... (63 replies)
... vagueness of where familiar objects are, complaints about not remembering well, forgetting names once well known. There is however, no loss of abilities in social interactions or in employment situations. ... (0 replies)
... My mom has not been formally diagnosed with Alzheimers or dementia, but that will probably come out of the next dr. visit. There have been some strange symptoms, though: she has been having ongoing incontinence (bladder, but worse - diarrhea) issues, coupled with a very apathetic response toward it ("oh, I could go (to the bathroom on time) if I wanted to, but I'm just... (2 replies)
... event is too much for DH and how to adjust. Our kids seldom have friends to their home, because DH gets upset at changes in the house. They can't bring casual dates home, and have to weigh when to tell new friends about their Dad. ... (10 replies)
... ompanion passed away, she quit eating, but I think she was eating just forgot that she was eating. She did lose weight so I think she was eating something, just forgetting some of what she ate so would tell us she couldn't eat. ... (47 replies)
... In the early to mid stages AD behaviours CAN be learnt. They may be forgetting basic skills, but they don't lose their intelligence. Does that sound whacky? ... (12 replies)
... OK Wannabe, My ex-charges POA's were done with the partner listed first, and 2 sons listed thereafter in case the partner was incapacitated or dead. It worked well, because at least their name was on there, and with one charge in a NH, that was often classified as incapacitated., we could get alot of things done for the other one. Now that he has passed on, the POA... (12 replies)
... Dear Wannabe, Practically all eye operations are done under local anesthetic and have no effect on the brain. I dont think it could harm him in any way, and improved vision would be a great blessing. Unfortunately my Mom's vision problem is inoperabe (macular degeneration). Love, Martha (12 replies)
... Hi you guys!!! :> Thanks again for your help! I do not mind when yall tell me what to do. I know it is meant with kindness for me and hope for my parents to be safer and such! Thanks for the "distributor cap" part, name. That may have been what my husband was talking about. I will have to ask him in the am. Then, sometime when my parents are asleep or when my mom is... (12 replies)
... Yeah Wannabe, I have to agree with Barbara, There is only so much 'patience' you can have before you have to turn into the big bad meanie and make the decision for them. You've got to understand, their decision making time is almost over, and I think it's time you and your sister seriously looked at other options. It is an awfully long wait to get into facilities, and... (12 replies)
... Hi - Just jumping in for a minute so say that your parents will NEVER be ready to move out of their home. There will always be some reason they come up with that delays it. You have to decide when they're not safe, are dangerous to others, not eating safe food, and dressing wrong for the weather. Then, like it or lump it, they are moved. Perhaps an assisted living... (12 replies)
... Hi again Everyone! Thanks ever so much for all the answers and ideas and stories!!!!! Yall always come thru for me! :> I go to the doctor tomorrow (today), and see about my sinus, since it still hurts and I am a nambie coddle!!! Hopefully he will give me something for my sinus infection, like he did about 2 months or more, ago. I will talk to my sister about the guns.... (12 replies)
... Hi Everyone, I really appreciate all the help, ideas and answers!!! I have read them, but must go to bed now! I have been gone to my parents in the am and a doctor appointment in the pm. Did not get home til late and had to do dinner and such. You guys are right about the guns and the car. I will talk to my sister in a day or two, and see what she wants us to do. ... (12 replies)
... Sorry you're not feeling well. I have sinus problems too and that's the pits! As I was reading your post, I was trying to think of clever things to say to your parents to win them over on a larger calendar. I told my dad that it was getting more and more difficult for me to write in those small squares all that needed to be written down. He thought it was helping ME to have... (12 replies)
... Hi Wannabe, Sorry that things are getting worse with your parents and that you've been sick. The thing that I noticed about Mom was that she forgot to look at the calendars and she lost the understanding of the meaning of the little squares and numbers. Isn't that hard to imagine? There may be no point to a larger calendar if that's the situation with your parents. ... (12 replies)
... Hi Wannabe, hope your feeling better soon, I get sinus when I've got a cold and it HURTS!!! You have my sympathies .. trust me! As for Dad ringing the Doctor, our local GP would get his girls to ring me if MIL or FIL had made an appointment with them so I could remember it. Actually, the respiratory physician did that too ... sent me reminders because they are easily... (12 replies)

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