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... with it. If your sis is in the early stages, there is a good chance she will not be too far gone when the new medicine comes out ... or maybe she does not have Dementia at all but has some other problem which can be treated now. Perhaps this new testing will show it is not frontal lobe dementia. ... (8 replies)
... Hi there, and welcome to the wonderful wacky world of Alzheimers! LOL First and foremost, unless they specialise, most medical professionals haven't got a clue about the disease and it's quirks, twists and tales. They *know* about it, and have a basic idea about it, but they don't KNOW it like we do. My best suggestion is to do what I did .. and educate those who don't... (3 replies)
Other Dementias
Dec 17, 2002
... Alzheimer's disease Is the #1 cause of dementia.There are other diseases that cause dementia. Frontal lobe degeneration,Lewy Body disease,Parkinson's disease,huntington's disease,Wilson's disease,Hydrocephalus,dementia of depression,Demyelinating disease,HIV encephalopathy,Vascular dementias,Binswanger Disease,Multiinfarct dementia,Infections, I hope this helps everyone... (6 replies)

Feb 5, 2014
... But the hallucinations can be the result of whatever dementia he may have. It is an important symptom in determining the type of dementia. ... (129 replies)
... Thanks, Titchou, Nina, and Deb My Mom. Yes, it is dementia, although we decided that it is not worthwhile to figure out which. Mostly, it is because Mom is in a very good psychological space. She is content, and she even laughs at her own absent mindedness and confusion about how many sons she has. She has a great appetite, and being a lifelong foodie, insists on lobster... (17 replies)
... They are frequently used in dementia and often prove very helpful to help the person have a better time of it. ... (20 replies)
Long overdue howdy
Jul 17, 2011
... It will be good to catch up with all of you. As for me, my DSD J. is on that long, slow dementia decline. ... (21 replies)
Too much to handle
Feb 14, 2010
... no locked dementia wards. Please God, no. ... (52 replies)
... Gjg, as you probably know there are many types of dementia. One of the most troubling forms of dementia to deal with is something called frontotemporal dementia which affects the frontal lobe of the brain. This lobe is responsible for our "social graces". ... (10 replies)
... for a frontal lobe dementia patient. ... (7 replies)
Faking it
Mar 8, 2006
... Hi back from the hospital and the same thing happened. Excellent fake-out, at least for as long as she could. But first, am so grateful reading othersí experiences because it somehow makes this whole thing bearable knowing others understand. I know Iím going to forget something struggling on this laptop dialup with no printer, but will give it a go. Sandy,... (23 replies)
Advice please
Dec 27, 2012
... and she failed big time. Test were run after she was out of hospital, brain spect scan, CT scans, blood test. With the spect scan, results show mostly vascular dementia with some frontal lobe dementia possible too. ... (9 replies)
My Grandma! xo
Aug 18, 2012
... Hi Leigh :wave: - Sorry for what you and your family are going through. This disease is very devastating on many levels. There is a thread at the top of the main Alzheimer's page that describes the 7 stages of Alzheimers. I found that helpful to read when my stepdad was first diagnosed. It does sound like your grandmother is in the later stage. I lost my stepdad in... (4 replies)
Results for hubby
Aug 29, 2011
... My stepdad has frontal temporal dementia. He endured a year of testing before they could properly diagnose him. ... (10 replies)
... My father in law was recently diagnosed Frontal Lobe Dementia. My FIL is and has been his entire life a narcissist. We all started to notice strange behavior. ... (16 replies)
New to board
Aug 23, 2010
... Hi Roxy - just wanted to say welcome :wave: as the others have said, it sounds like you are on a good, albeit difficult path. I'm sorry for the dysphagia. I actually had that myself after a thyroidectomy two years ago for thyroid cancer. They had to sacrifice one of my laryngeal nerves as the cancer had wrapped itself around the nerve :dizzy: It left me with breathing,... (8 replies)
... has frontal temporal lobe dementia. ... (17 replies)
I'm BAACK!!!!!
Dec 27, 2009
... Did ya miss me????? Man oh MAN-O!!! Yea - I may have been off the boards for awhile, but this dementia ride has continued :dizzy: I need to be on here and STAY ON HERE!! These past few months have been SO ROUGH. I was doing so much better when I had my Alz's pals for support. Anyway - for those of you who remember me - my DSD (Dear Stepdad) was diagnosed with Frontal... (29 replies)
PET Scan question
Feb 12, 2009
... An MRI scan can show the decrease in brain mass that goes along with Dementia but I don't think they can determine what kind of dementia it is yet. Unless they have a past MRI they can only compare it to a standard and that is not very accurate for diagnosis. ... (6 replies)
Please help me!
Jul 9, 2008
... My DH also had frontal lobe dementia also known as Picks and was diagnosed at 52 and lasted about 5 years before he passed in May. ... (6 replies)

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