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... HI Natalie I know EXACTLY where you're at. My loving Mother in Law was EXACTLY the same. Frontal Temporal & Primary progressive aphasia. She's been in a NH for 2 years now, (as happy as larry by the way). We looked after her for 2 years previous, and when we sorta sat down and thought about it, she was exhibiting some early EARLY signs probably quite a few years before... (1 replies)
Going to visit Mom
Jan 15, 2008
... My MIL has a similar frontal temporal lobe dementia happening, and she deteriorated quickly but over the period of a year by the time we got her placed in a NH. ... (7 replies)
... My mom is still undergoing tests, the neurologist has done MRI's, PET scans, cognitive/motor testing, and now wants a spinal tap. This has been going on for about 6 months now (the testing). The last the Dr said anything, he said they are trying to confirm a diagnosis of Picks Disease (frontal lobe dementia)? Either way, my Mom is slowly getting worse and at 60 years of age -... (7 replies)

... Scan's aren't all their cut out to be, because frontal lobe demential and multi infarct dementia don't show up on anything, so we're assuming that's what my MIL has .... ... (5 replies)
... Hi, Spitfire! I just received my husband's medical records and found out that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Frontal Lobular Dementia, and Lewy Body w/o Parkinsons. It explains why he seems to be deteriorating so quickly. I use pullup diapers on him at night and as Deb mentioned I removed everything from his room that would be a semblance to a toilet other than the... (13 replies)
... ng, these little kids were always there, her memory for finding the right words were getting more apparent. With some tests done, doctors have diagnosed vascular dementia primary and frontal lobe secondary. Just after Thanksgiving she had seen 'men' in her living room and heard babies crying so she called the police. ... (23 replies)
... k a very good Neurologist who listened to us and truly took an interest in my stepdad and finding the proper diagnosis. My stepdad was eventually diagnosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia, which behaves differently from Alzheimer's. ... (13 replies)
... It is great that you are able to keep the boys informed as to what is happening, I am wondering what it is that you expect from the boys, firstly it seems that they live a distance away, secondly you mentioned that they have good full time employment so it is not lokly they will move closer to help out, are you wanting support from them physically , is it that you want them... (19 replies)
... "Sorry about your brother - you sure he does not have dementia? " Hahaha! That made me laugh... Gallows humor! He is just a typical MAN who thinks 1% of elder care is all that should be expected of him, the sainted son, and who gets a big head (I mean the one he thinks with) when women flatter him as "so devoted," etc. So unemployed is the actual fact, but I was seen by... (11 replies)
... So Mom was in the rehab (vs. long-term) section of a SNF; I had been told she could stay as long as she participated in therapy. Well, of course she started yelling out at night and otherwise "misbehaving" (she has frontal lobe damage from a head injury incurred a couple of years ago; this superimposed on a pre-existing vascular dementia); in short, she wants what she wants... (11 replies)
... diagnosis was up in the air for awhile because my husband had a severe concussion many years ago which was felt may have caused the small area of atrophy in the frontal area in his brain seen on MRI five years ago when he began to develop problems. ... (17 replies)
... It is so true. The brain is like a toddler's for my FIL, for example. Yet he is in a body of the elderly with his own life experience. When he was fuzzy, we cannot pick him up and put him in the pen or crib! Gradually he was like 10 years old, now 5 years old and as he lost his walking ability, he is like 2 years old... As he got worse, he would be like a baby who cannot... (20 replies)
... FTL dementia and another, a study, indiciating that Trazadone does help... ... (20 replies)
... or dementia victims. I sometimes say she's the child I never wanted and my brother refers to her "terrible 92s"... It's laugh or cry some days! ... (162 replies)
... I obviously wouldn't be opposed to a drug that would help her since, as I've stated before, we've tried at least a half dozen of them already! Many she simply cannot take because they're nephrotoxic, and she's at Stage 4 kidney disease; her best response to date was to the antidepressant Remeron but, again, it's damaging to her kidneys, so her nephrologist pulled her off it. ... (20 replies)
... Apparently my mother presents a real problem to nursing homes and rehabs; already we've been kicked out of one and rejected by a number of other nice ones, and now she's being called on the carpet at the not-so-nice rehab for her "behaviors." Not only does she not participate in therapy on the regular basis, but she yells, screams, insults, and repeats herself. More and... (20 replies)
... I even said, "I don't think she should be penalized or discriminated against because she has a brain disease." They said, "Oh, we're not discriminating! It's just that her performance is inconsistent." Well, d'oh! People with vascular dementia (which is what I think it is, affecting the frontal/temporal regions, resulting in mood/behavior issues) have good days and bad... (18 replies)
... I'd be very interested in hearing from others on the use of this anti-seizure medication for behavioral problems in dementia. I've always believed my mother's to be more "frontotemporal" in nature than AD, per se (her symptoms were initially mood/behavior related; loss of memory came very late and is still not terrible; no decline in verbal skills at all, yet clearly there is... (34 replies)
... ct differently, my mom at one time know something was not right but to save her stress we side stepped the issue. My sister on the other hands knows that she has frontal lobe dementia and is handling it as well as expected. I think the most important think is to know how the person will handle the news of the devastating disease. ... (7 replies)
... We changed doctors. I'm so glad we did as my stepdad had a year of testing in front of him and it turns out the proper diagnosis was Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia. Our family would not have wanted to take our journey with the first jerky neurologist. ... (19 replies)

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