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i am 18 and my memory is getting worse (39)
i am 19 and my memory bad (67)
i am so angry but why (4643)
i can not accept my dementia mother (29)
i can t stand my mother (2344)
i cannot handle my mother anymore, what should i do? (34)
i cannot talk to my mother anymore (218)
i cant stand living here anymore i need to move out! (10)
i cant stand my mother (258)
i cant stand my parents (249)
i cant stand my sister (195)
i feel like a zombie (2010)
i feel like zombie after working for many years (42)
i got severely dehydrated (30)
i have power of attorney what does that mean (26)
i lost my mom in a city (166)
i lost my temper (485)
i lost my temper saturday (13)
i visit often usa (14)
i was afraid for my mother to drive (200)
ideas for activities for alzheimer patients (10)
if a dementia patient is looking for their mother do you tell them in a nice way their mom is dead? (10)
if house is in a trust can i get medicaid (11)
if more than one person in my family has had alzheimer will i get it (2665)

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