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Hi, I have had chronic anemia for a few years now always thought to be from heavy menstrual cycle. The pattern has always shower iron deficiency and have had several iron infusions, the last almost a year ago. I have felt sick almost the entire year but no anemia. Periods as heavy as always all year but hemoglobin stable. Suddenly my levels drop dramatically, from 11.9 to 8.7 in two months. My CBC showed elevated WBC but barely, no known infection. I have asthma and started a steroid which my hematologist said was certainly causing the rapid increase - 11 to 16 in a couple days - but was not using inhalers before when it was at 11. RBC was normal at 4.2, hgb 8.7, hematocrit 28. RDW elevated but closer to normal and platelets at 600. Iron test showed low iron at 27 and the typical pattern for ID; however, normal ferritin. I'm concerned about the results. The biopsy was today under general anesthesia, so no big deal. Now waiting for results. Any ideas!

Oh, and what's weird is that a recent MRI of my kidneys showed iron deposits on my liver, indicative of iron overload. This is months after infusions. I also had small amounts of blood and WBCs in urine but no UTI or infections, normal bilirubin and kidney tests, although I do have small benign renal tumors, related to something completely different than anemia. Just don't have a clue.

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