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[QUOTE=beacheemom;5360594]Hello everyone. I'm new here. I'm not sure what to expect next.... here's what has happened so far.
Tuesday went in for for first iron infusion . Could not find a vein so they set me up to receive a picc line the following morning. I rec my picc line the next morning and headed over to cancer center for iron IV. Gave me Benadryl and started the tester dose. Within fifteen minutes my eyes started feeling weird . I started itching some all over. My throat started to itch and the left side of my throat started closing. The little lady sitting next to me asked if I was having a reaction. I told her I wasn't sure. About that time, my nurse looks up at me and I somehow mutter the words, "I don't feel too well" surprised to find that my voice was almost gone. So the nurse unhooked the iron and started me on a steroid after the doctor came to talk to me. I believe that type of iron was iron dextrose. So they sent me home after about an hour of observation And told me to come back 2 days to have picc line flushed out and next week they wanted to start me on a different type of iron that is sugar based on Monday and Monday tues we'd thurs Fri I would receive this iron at an hour each.. no benadryl needed would be able to drive myself to these appts. I'm a little nervous about taking this other. Why do they not think it's imp to give me benadryl esp after I've already had a reaction to dextran??? New and scared.[/QUOTE]

Hi beach mom. I don't know if u will get this reply to your post or not. I don't really see an area to post my reply in, except in the same box u posted ur message.
Anyway I was just wondering how u were doing. I also wanted to say, IF the Benadryl was an IV administration, it could be kind of normal to feel weird.
Slightly itchy all over. Even in your throat.
I know that is often the signs of an allergic reaction to things one is allergic too. But this is also a side affect of getting some meds thru an IV.
AnywY hope ur doing ok.
Hope u get this post. If so.... Hope you'll respond😃
Take care

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