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Vit B12 levels
May 21, 2015
I have recently had some blood tests through my GP as I am suffering with swallowing difficulties & what feels like a dry mouth although I drink multiple litres of water a day. I can check my results online so took a look and the only abnormal result was Vit B12 which showed a level of 112 which is flagged on the results as low. The nurse stated I would hear from the GP if there were any issues with my results but I haven't heard from them so unsure if I should be getting back in contact regarding the Vit B12 result. My sister has Pernicious anemia and as I have nerve & muscle pain problems she has asked me a few times to get my B12 levels checked just in case I have the same but I've had many full blood counts over the last 10 years (I'm a type 2 diabetic) I didn't realise that B12 levels are not included in this test so just thought it was being tested and I was fine, its only now that I notice going back over previous blood tests that this seems like my first B12 result.

My diet is poor due to many intolerances/malabsorbtion problems so it may just be due to this - multi vitamin tablets also don't agree with me and cause an upset stomach so I'm tending to think its probably just due to my diet.

I now can't help wondering Is it possible Vitamin B12 deficiency could be causing my muscle and nerve pain? I've been waiting for a diagnosis and treatment for the last two years for this pain which causes me difficulty every single day and sleeping at night, but they have suspected pudendal nerve entrapment due to piriformis syndrome and have been sticking steroid injections in me with no effect for the last 18 months:(

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