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Had my labs done on 6/03. Have been feeling poorly for over 6 months! Lab results crappy: hgb of 6.3 and hct 23.6 and iron <10. Today (6/12) is 9th day of iron supplementation...Dr. has me taking 3 of the 325 mg iron each day. (Each contains 150 elemental iron). Symptoms as follows: very very color in my lips. Dizzy when getting up off chair and when standing for a while. Mouth, tongue and just in esophagus very sore with continuous burning and painful swallow. Terrible itching all over. I noticed also I am winded/short of breath after going up one normal flight of stairs
My hands and feet have been feeling tight this week...
and I do have some mild edema in my ankles
My b12 was normal along with my electrolytes and lft's. I feeling worried this evening. Do I need to call my doctor or just wait a few more days? Forgot to mention also that I am having headaches which improve after I lie down
I am fairly shaky after being up for a bit. Just concerned and wondering how soon I can expect to feel better! Thank you to anyone who reads this----->appreciate ANY bits of knowledge or advise that anyone can offer.
Pleasant wishes to all!
You have a serious level of anemia, and the cause of it needs determined. Did your Dr. or do you have any idea why you are so anemic? There can be many reasons, such as poor dietary intake of iron, poor absorption from things like celiac disease, heavy blood loss from menstruation or stomach ulcers, etc. You have some symptoms not typical with anemia, like the itching all over and burning mouth, esophagus. I would suggest you see a hematologist for a thorough investigation of why you are so anemic, and not just try to treat it. If you have celiac disease, for example, the oral iron will not be absorbed properly and will not help you. I hope you can get in to see a hematologist or at least get a good work-up by your internist for the cause of this problem.

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