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For the past 6 months I have been loosing handfuls of hair. Last Monday I had seen a Dermatologist. My ferritin was 22, vitamin D 48, Tsh normal. I have been dealing with Iron deficiency since March but my ferritin was not tested numbers just total iron numbers.

In March my total iron was 47. I then started to supplement with ferro sequel an elemental iron ferrous fumurate. April 23 I had a physical and my total iron was now 37. So my doctor told me to take Vitron C 2x a day. Not sure if vitron c is carbonyl iron or ferrous fumarate.

I am experiencing many symptoms, fatigue, hairloss, brittle nails, rapid pulse, cold hands and feet.

I have tried floradix but it has such a low dose of iron it, just that alone wont budge my numbers. I take a 1tbs of house of herbs blackstrap molasses every other day. I drink a spinach smoothie with other green veggies. I avoid drinking tea, calcium, bread, gluten.

I have recently purchased hema plex but have yet to take it. This iron problem is really frustrating. I just want to feel normal and not be bald by next year.

Thanks in advance to any one who responds ;)

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