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I'm new here and have been reading so many older posts, trying to see if there is anyone out there with a similar situation as mine. Sorry if this is long...

I was dx'ed with hashimoto's and have been on thyroid hormone (Armour) for 9 years now. TSH kept below 1.0 and free's at upper end of the range. I've also been dx'ed with MTHFR (don't metabolize folic acid properly).

I've also struggled with low ferritin for a long time now. My ferritin was it's highest 11 years ago, at a 38. It's been steadily declining. I'm told to take iron and vitamin C and re-test in a few months later. It's gotten down to 8 in the past, but since my hemoglobin is always good (12-13), then they say I'm fine.

So recently after having so many symptoms that I've never had before (heart palps, losing hair every day, bruise easily, dizzy spells, daily headaches - and I've never been a headache person until recently, difficulty sleeping at night). So my doc ran tests.

My ferritin was at a whopping ONE. My hemoglobin was at 10. I was sent to a hematologist 2 weeks later. He did not take my case seriously at all and dismissed all my concerns and questions. He re-ran my hemoglobin and it came back at 12.6. He also re-ran my ferritin and it was supposedly at 6 now.

To me, this is strange. In the past when my ferritin was around 10, I took iron for 3 months and was re-tested and it only brought it up 2 or 3 points. So how can it rise 5 points in just 2 weeks? I'm so confused.

The other thing, my B12 went from 925 last Oct to 400 just a few weeks ago. My Vit D3 level is good, up around 40.

The hematologist I saw last week also ran an iron saturation test which came back at 20%, and a soluable transferrin receptor test which came back at 1.69 (range was 0.76 to 1.76). So because I'm "in range" with everything but my ridiculously low ferritin, they will not let me have iron infusions. He said my iron sat has to be below 20%.

I don't know what to do. I've never been in this situation with my iron stores so low. And it's causing me problems now. I'm 42, had a baby 2 years ago, and I know this is not peri-menopause since I have NO symptoms of that besides sleep problems, which I think are iron related. The only thing that has changed in the last few years is my ferritin plummeting.

My doc ran a 24 hr heart holter test 2 weeks ago because I've been having heart palps and it came backing showing lots of pauses, tachy and brady episodes, and other heart irregularities. My gut is telling me this is all related to my low iron. But I'm being told they can do nothing for me because my levels are showing "in range." I'm seeing a cardiologist in 2 weeks.

Does anyone have any advice or thoughts? Has anyone been given iron infusions with my numbers? Low ferritin, yet everything else appearing "in range?" I have begged for iron infusions, but am being told no. I just want to feel "good" again.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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