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Since you have been low in Ferritin, you may also be low in Vit B12 or folic acid, which could be causing the numbness in hands. Low ferritin can cause RLS, and you probably need to get your ferritin above 50 for the RLS to respond and go away. I don't think with your ferritin and blood count at these levels, it is the cause of your fatigue. Depleted iron will cause hair loss and it can take several months to start growing growing back in after iron stores are corrected. I would continue the iron as long as your periods are so heavy, and get a ferritin checked yearly to make sure you aren't getting too much iron replacement. B12 and folate levels can be checked in blood to see if they are adequate.
Thanks so much for your reply. I will have my B12 and folate levels checked.

I suspect that my ferritin is periodically going above 50 because I get several days here and there, sometimes even a week or so, without the RLS, fatigue, & numb tingly hands. Then I will have a period, or get too much exercise, or maybe even take too much calcium, and it is like someone flipped a switch - and the fatigue is back with numb hands right away, and by bedtime the RLS is back also. All 3 of those symptoms always return together, so I have to think the fatigue is related to the ferritin as well.

Of course, my ferritin level of 39 was several months ago and NOT during or before a period, so maybe I am dipping even lower than 39 now.

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