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New to iv iron.
Dec 8, 2015
Is it possible once you get your iron up that you may be able to keep it up without further iv doses?
I have been low ferritin (3-5 nearly every test, max 11) for 20 years! I do not absorb the pills and have tried pretty much every brand of tablet and liquid out there. Ingesting it wreaks havoc on my insides as well.
I finally was given iv iron second dose was today and a third scheduled for next week.
I am hoping it will solve a good deal of my health issues (restless legs, periodic numbness in hands and feet, heart palpitations and shortness of breath (I also get issues with chest pain/inflammation due to improper breathing), fatigue, headaches and some serious anxiety about my health stemming from the terrible escalating symptoms I have dealt with for 20 years (as well I think genuine lack of oxygen compunds the anxiety lol)
I am a bit shocked at how long my anemia went on before the Dr agreed to the iv. Sounds like a lot of people have had less bad numbers for less long - a person really has to advocate and not just blindly agree with the health professionals if it doesnt sit well, eh? I wish I had been more vocal before now.
Also, my immune system is quite poor and I am susceptible to respiratory bugs like you wouldn't believe - is this normal for anemia or am I just lucky? Lol.
I am hoping once I get it up from insanely low I might have a chance to maintain it through diet and only taking the dreaded pills during my heavy period perhaps..
I have found that polyride has been the least bad for my insides for ingested iron..

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