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Low Ferritin
Jan 15, 2016
Hi Im new to here so not sure how this works so here goes....
A year ago my ferritin iron etc was getting lower and lower even though I was taking Iron,I was exhausted all the time,couldn't breath when walking up stairs, had the most awful pains in my legs, I was a wreck..I work Im an accountant but I also did my surveyors degree a few years afternoon it came back alarmingly low and an emergency appt was made with an haematologist the next day, in that appt I had bloods which came back even worse, my heart was taccicardic..they admitted me there and then for an emergency transfusion,a second was given a few weeks later and then an iron infusion, all was well for several months but never once did my doctors keep a check on my blood. July last year I started to feel awful again, short of breath, exhausted,leg pains that were unbearable, I made an appt and bloods were taken,my results showed a ferrtin level of 9, the Doc said we will give you a course of Iron tabs, my reply was you have read my notes, where he said yes but I will still try the tabs for a month but I will also chase up haematology to see whats happening,4 months later and nothing of docs, I ma getting worse, so I make an appt, blood is taken and it comes back as 6, the nurse tells me doctor has written no action needed. Now im not a doctor or medically trained but my ferritin is getting lower, in 4 months it has dropped by 3, i feel awful,my legs are making me have a bath at 1am to try and stop the pain but my doctor has said I need no action!!! any advice will be greatly appreciated as Im a wreck :-(

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