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i've had iron deficiency anemia for the majority of my life and have been on iron supplements on and off for years but hadn't been for quite awhile. in the last five months or so i have been feeling extremely tired, short of breath, having increased palpitations (i have mitral valve prolapse as well as the anemia), foggy thinking, difficulty concentration, etc, so i went to the doctor and they ordered blood tests. the results for my iron were:

IRON: 8.
TIBC: 59

(my ferritin levels haven't been checked since august, but in august it had dropped from 11 to 4 in the space of a month. they didn't put me on iron supplements then though. which is probably why i got into this state of feeling so sick.)

i was put on palafer (ferrous fumerate) about two weeks ago to help with the symptoms, but was told to only take 1 pill every three days. i've been diligent about taking the supplement as i was told as well as eating more red meat to try and boost myself between doses, but i'm not feeling any better at all. i'm wondering if 1 pill every three days is too little? i know the typical dose for this supplement is 1 pill 2-3 times a day, so it seems odd to only take 1 pill every three days. the symptoms are becoming crippling and are really affecting my quality of life.

i guess what i'm wanting to know is, does this sound like the correct course of treatment? should i go back to talk to the doctor or just wait this out and hope it starts to get better?

thanks for reading. i'd appreciate anything you guys have to say. i'm new here but have been lurking for awhile trying to get the courage to post. i hope you are all feeling well.

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