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A few weeks ago I had a blood test showing low hemoglobin, hematocrit and RBCs.
I thought it was Iron deficiency anemia but my internist said my reticulocyte count should have been higher if that was the case. It was a little under 40.

This most recent test, my levels of Hemoglobin, hematocrit and RBC all went into the bottom range of normal.
MCHC is also in low end of normal. MCV normal.

Reticulocyte count went up slightly (still under 50).

My lymphocytes went just below normal. Last time they were on the low end of normal.

Ferritin says it is in the range of "depleted iron stores".

Iron saturation level is above normal.

Iron is in the normal range (high end).
TIBC is normal.

RBC Folate and B12 were both above normal (the folate was very high >2000)

The doctor had said, before this second test, that he thought that I was either losing blood somewhere or I was not making enough blood. Which one does this sound like; or is there maybe another explanation? Why the low ferritin but high iron saturation, and low lymphocytes, and sky high RBC folate (I don't think I eat that much folate).

If some of this is related to losing blood, I don't think it is my periods; they haven't been very heavy and my most recent one stopped after two days (I think because I was very stressed about a painful medical exam I had to go through, the test wasn't related to my blood at all).

I've also been having some aching and joint pain just in the last couple of weeks (which may be unrelated), aside from fatigue and lightheadedness.

Thanks for reading my question and taking the time to answer if you have any insights.

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