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If anyone is listening, how do you cope?
I can't get off the couch, my doctors just want me to take antidepressants, my kids and husband think I'm losing my mind. I have no zest for life. I can do a few things then back to the couch. I'm not lazy, in fact sitting here watching tv is torcher for me.
I see my GP tomorrow but she doesn't believe low iron causes anything more than a little tired. She says I should have normal activity and refers me to psychiatrist who prescribed drugs that make me even more tired. I was a very active, intelligent, competent and grounded person a couple months ago. Now I feel like I'm losing touch with reality and everything I know. My husband hasn't had a wife in months, my kids can't depend on me. I'm feeling useless. I don't know my numbers but will find out tomorrow, they are low enough for my doc to call me at home the day after my blood test and tell me to start supplement immediately. Today is day 12 of taking iron. However, last week I worked out 3 days in a row and hit a wall, felt a big step backwards. And I should start my period in a couple of days (reason for deficiency) I'm feeling sorry for myself I know, I just want to be myself again.
Also does anyone else have really bad mornings? I wake up pulse racing, and extremely shakey.

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