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Almost two months ago i went to my doctor for a yearly physical. My blood test came back showing my hemoglobin at a 6.3. My doctor insisted i have a colonosopy and EGD right away to check for bleeding.

She took a stool sample that came back negative and i do not have heavy periods. I went in 2 days later for my procedures and my hemoglobin had dropped to a 5. I was instructed to ho to the ER for a transfusion. After the transfusion my level was up to 8.1.

Both my colonosopy and EGD came back normal. A werk later i was up to a 9. I was put on ferralet 90 and scheduled a small bowel capsule test....still nothing one "fold" that i had to get examined with yet another scope, only to find its a cyst and probably nothing. The doctor biopsyed the cyst to be safe, but i haven't heard back.

My levels were checked last week and I'm now up to a 12. My doctor is suggesting i have an ultrasound to check outside my instetinal track for bleeding.

At this point i am so tired of these tests that prove nothing. I'm clearly absorbing iron and there have been no signs of bleeding. Does anyone have any clue what could be wrong with me? Is it possible that this all coukd have been caused by stress and poor diet?

Please note i eat mostly vegetarian and run at least 3miles 5 days a week....i was doing this when my hemoglobin was a 6. What is going on???

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