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Low ferririn
Apr 26, 2016
My ferritin was a 3 in mid March. I have celiac and acid reflux. My hematologist prescribed ferrous sulfate 375 mg 3x a day. I take nexium 40 mg 3 hours apart from it. I also have hypothyroidism. I went ahead and started a gluten free diet. I'm holding off on the upper endoscopy for now until I can get my ferritin up bc that would require me to eat gluten and I don't want to not be able to absorb the iron. I'm taking the iron with oj one hour before means. My night time dose is with 500 mg of vitamin c bc of the acid of oj too close to bed. I've been taking this iron now for close to 6 weeks. I was starting to feel better and then we had a family emergency and the stress of it made me feel like I was regressing again. I was having trouble breathing and was feeling faint like I was back in the beginning. My doctor told me not to worry and that stress can make you feel awful with anemia. I also started eating meet again, especially grass fed organic beef, which is huge for me as I have been a vegetarian for many years. I also suffer from heavy periods. Is it possible to absorb iron with celiac if you are gluten free? My doc seems to think that I will be able to absorb it, but that it will just take longer than the infusions. I hate feeling so tired all the time. Any stress really gets to me as well. I just keep holding on to that 90 day red blood cell regeneration. I can do this right? It's so hard and I get so depressed about it, especially when I find it hard to breathe. Anyone else in this situation?
Re: Low ferririn
Apr 28, 2016
I understand how you feel. I have been in your same situation. I am taking an iron pill, vitamin c and vitamin d. At one point of time I couldn't move, my left side would hurt, shortness of breath ( I still get) and muscle ache and very fatigue. My iron level was at a 4. I started eating plenty of green veggies and meat. I still do not feel myself. I am hoping for the best. Good
I too have heavy periods. It even hurts when I wear a bra sometimes.

Good luck and feel better!

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